Tuesday, August 15, 2017

PupBox - Customized monthly puppy box

PupBox is very helpful monthly subscription box to help you with the new fur pup babies in your life. This is straight from the PupBox website because I couldn't say it better myself "Each month you and your baby will receive a box filled with all of the toys, treats, accessories and training information you need to be the best puppy parent pawsible! Everything is customized, and will grow with your pup, changing based on your baby's changing needs" You will get training guides, treats, toys, chews, and accessories. 

PupBox offered to send me a complementary box to review. The only issue was my pup isn't exactly a puppy anymore, in fact she is about 10 years old. No worries though! They sent me a 2 month old box kit which had plenty of items for Maddie to enjoy. 

Price: $39.00 a month with discounted pricing for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions

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The Good:

New pawrents? The first thing I thought is this would make an excellent gift for a new puppy parent or even a new adult pup parent. 

Puppies can be overwhelming: The truth is puppies take a lot of time and energy and they need training. How nice is it to get age specific tools and tips to help raise your pup. 

The Not So Good:

Picky pup: You might end up with something your pup doesn't like. You can always gift it to another lucky pup or a local shelter. 

Maddie is patiently waiting to open her PupBox.

Maddie carefully inspected each item. 

Maddie approved!

ooops left this out of the picture!
This card has a ton of information on it! 

Contents of the PupBox:

Fizzion Stain & Odor Remover. Value = $8.99

Kong Comfort Snuggles-medium size. Value = $9.99

Earthbath All Natural Puppy Wipes. Value = $7.99

JW Teething Butterfly. Value = $2.99

Vital Essentials Chicken Breasts. Value = $8.99

Charming Balloon Latex Lily the Lion - Mini. Value = $4.99

2 month guide. 

The total approximate value of this PupBox is $43.94. I said approximate because the training guides are worth something and it's hard to put a monetary value on them. All said this is what I call a break even box. You get the value of what you paid but the best part is you didn't have to do the shopping. Everything comes conveniently to your house in a nice little package once a month! That's worth something for sure. There were only two items in the box that I won't use. Maddie did not care for the latex lion but I think her cousin Daisy will love it. Next time we go for a visit I'm going to bring Daisy this new toy! The other item is the teething butterfly but only because my pup is well beyond her teething years. She went crazy for the chicken treats and I'm pretty sure she could smell them through the box! I'm a big fan of the doggie wipes, they work great for cleaning off paws and a quick refresher between baths. I'm actually excited to try the Fizzion because I have a cat with a sensitive stomach and doesn't always keep her food down. No need for concern though she gets checked by the vet every year and gets a clean bill of health. 

Verdict: I think this is a great box for new puppy parents. I also think it would make a fantastic gift for the new pawrent in your life. 

This little Kong bear has become one of Maddie's new favorite toys!

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