Sunday, July 30, 2017

Odd Sox Box

Everyone expresses their personality in some way through fashion. I choose to color my hair in non-natural colors. Some people are addicted to shoes, vintage rock band shirts and some people express themselves through socks. Socks? Yes, socks. My mom, when she worked at the hospital in the pediatric unit was a sock person. She would wear fun, funky, unusual socks everyday and the kids would always look forward to seeing what socks she was wearing that day.  Whenever I traveled I would always bring her back a pair of socks. 

This is where Odd Sox Box comes in. You don't have to search out the odd socks, they will come to you every month in the mail. The good people at Odd Sox contacted me and offered to send me a box for my honest review. I was super excited about this one! 

Price: $10 for one pair a month, $20 for two pairs, $30 for four pairs, $75 for 10 pairs. All of those prices include shipping. 

The Good:

Finding cool socks. Search no more, Odd Sox comes to you.

Need a sock break? There is no commitment. If you need a break just pause your shipment. 

Need a gift? This would make a great gift!

Don't like the design they sent? Gift it! 

The Not So Good:

Sock overload. Yes you could end up with a bunch of socks but who doesn't love wearing new socks? 

Even the box the socks come in is cool!


Contents of the Odd Sox Box

Ren & Stimpy Socks. Value = $14.99

Roses Socks. Value = $14.99

The total value of this Odd Sox box is $29.98. You can buy these socks individually on their website for $14.99 a pair but you have to pay $3 shipping. So really this box is worth $32.98. When I opened this box I laughed because I used to watch Ren & Stimpy when it first started back in 1991. It was such a weird show for it's time. The roses socks aren't really my style and originally I thought I might gift them, but after looking at them for a couple of days they are starting to grow on me. 

Verdict: If like to express yourself through socks then this box is for you! 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for such an amazing review! Enjoy the socks. Hopefully the roses will grow on you haha.

    -Odd Mob