Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Amazon K-cups coffee sample box

Amazon occasionally will make sample boxes available to Prime members. These boxes cost anywhere from $4.99-$14.99 but you get that back in a credit if you make a future purchase of a product from the box. 

This box was priced at $7.99 and included 7 samples of dog food and treats. If you break the price down it's $.61 per k-cup.  

Amazon K-Cup sample box.

Contents of the Amazon k-cup sample box. 

Brooklyn Bean Roaster medium roast sample box.

Brooklyn Bean Roaster dark roast sample box

Brooklyn Bean Roaster Maple Sleigh.

The Donut Shop Regular.

Caribou Coffee. 

Green Mountain breakfast blend.

Peet's coffee French Roast dark roast.

Peet's coffee Alma de la organic dark roast.

Newman's Own Newman Special blend organic.

I didn't break down the pricing on all of these items but in my opinion it's a good deal. I would pay 60 cents for a k-cup if I wanted coffee. It's also kind of cool to dry the different flavors out there without having to buy a whole bunch.

Verdict: I like these sample boxes. If you see one come up for sale jump on it because they go quick. 

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