Friday, June 23, 2017

Amazon Beverage Sample Box

Amazon occasionally will make sample boxes available to Prime members. These boxes cost anywhere from $4.99-$9.99 but you get that back in a credit if you make a future purchase of a product from the box. 

This box was priced at $9.99 and included 7 samples of carbonated drinks. If you break the price down it's $1.43 per drink. Totally worth the price in my opinion since all the drinks are full size.  

Amazon Beverage Sample Box.

Approximate value using Amazon multipack pricing. 

Soylent Coffiest Ready Drink Breakfast. Value = $2.75

Bai Kohala Kola. Value = $1.99

Fiji water. Value = $1.04

Monster Rehab Peach Tea. Value = $1.55

Blue Sky Stevia Soda Cola. Value = $1.75

Hansen Ginger Ale. Value = $0.50

V8 Energy Blackberry Cranberry. Value = $2.00

I priced these out using Amazon but it's not exactly accurate because all of the items are in multipacks. If you were to buy single servings at a convenience or grocery store it would be much higher than listed above. I think this is a cool way to try new drinks without spending a fortune and if you find something you like then you can reorder it and get a discount. 

Verdict: I like these sample boxes. If you see one come up for sale jump on it because they go quick. 

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