Friday, January 27, 2017

OuiPlease Vol. 2.5: Winter in France

The OuiPlease is a box full of Parisian treasures that ships 6 times a year. The price of the box is quite high at $150 per shipment. You can also subscribe yearly for $650 bringing the price of the box down to $108. Per the OuiPlease website your special delivery will feature a surprise selection of products, including the very best France has to offer in beauty, jewelry, accessories, apparel, home and epicure and have a value of at least $300. 

Every now and then they have a 20% off code that can be used on yearly subscriptions and brings the price down to $520 or $87 a box. The catch is you have to pay the full amount upfront which is a lot to shell out for a subscription box. 

Price: $108-$150 every two months depending on subscription commitment. 

The Good:

Luxury products: The boxes are filled with name brands that would be considered luxurious.

Variety: This box isn't just beauty products. It will have jewelry, apparel, home goods, etc.

Information: They include their own magazine that talks about the products in the box as well as other products.

Pricing Structure: They offer one-time, monthly or yearly subscriptions. It would be nice to see a 6 month (3 box) subscription tier.

The Not So Good

Price: The price is way high but at the same time you will hopefully get what you pay for.

Referrals: I would like to see a referral program. If you can convince someone to spend this much money on a box you should get a little thank you treasure.

OuiPlease Vol. 2.5: Winter in France

Contents of the Volume 2.5 OuiPlease Box:

Les Néréides Paris Pink Flower Bracelet. Value = $60.00

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask. Value = $25.00

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub. Value = $25.00

Laboratories Filorga Time-Filler Wrinkle Correction Cream. Value = $89.00

Bastide Figue d' Été soap. Value = $20.00

Nuxe Paris Nuxellence Detox. Value = $75.00

David Jourquin Cir Tabac fragrance. Value = $15.00

Marie Bouvero Dark Chocolate Bar. Value = $10.00

la cocotte French mug Value $15.00

Pop Up Paris Candle. Value - $35.00

The value of this box is $369.00. I really do enjoy the OuiPlease box. It comes with products that I don't see here in the US. I'm sure I can find them but they aren't readily available at my local Ulta. I love the bracelet in this months box and I'm super happy I got the flower one. The mug is really cute but I have so many coffee mugs right now they don't fit in my cupboard. I was excited about the wrinkle cream because of the value but honestly I don't have wrinkles yet. I wonder if wrinkle cream is something you can use as a preventative? The Christophe Robin products seem very high end and luxurious. It immediately makes me want to take a bath and pamper myself. 

Verdict: I was hoping to get the pouch in this box but I'm happy with the bracelet and other goodies to try. 


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