Monday, August 22, 2016

August Bespoke Post - Chop

Bespoke Post advertises their subscription service as a monthly box of awesome.  The way is works is like this.  You subscribe by giving them your email address.  This doesn't obligate you to anything but it will give you the ability to look at the available boxes. If you like the box you can purchase it, if you don't then do nothing.  The price of the box is $45.00 w/shipping included. Once you purchase a box you will get an email every month for that months box. If you decide you don't like that box just skip but make sure and do so by the 5th of the month.  If you don't skip you get a credit towards a future box.

Price: $45 a month/with skip option.

This box ships to the US, Canada and Hawaii. Canadian shipping is an extra $10-$20 and Hawaii is $10.

The good:

Know what your getting: $45 is a lot to spend on a surprise so Bespoke let's you know what the expect and you decide if you want it or not

Don't like the box you received: Bespoke lets you return your box for a refund or credit.  How awesome is that.

Skip a month: don't want any of the boxes, trying to save money - just skip the month

The not so good:

I really can't think of anything

August Bespoke Post Box

Contents of the Bespoke Post box w/approximate retail value: 

Lawson Walnut Ulu Knife. Value = $27.30

Lawson Walnut Chinese Vegetable Cleaver. Value = $52.50

The total value of my Bespoke Post box is $79.80. I have been wanting a Ulu knife for years! I was going to buy on in Alaska but we were on a cruise ship and it's kind of a pain to bring knives on cruise ships. When I saw this I immediately opted in for this box. I used the cleaver this weekend to cut up some chicken and it was awesome. I can't wait to use the Ulu to chop of some veggies. 

Verdict: I loved this knife set!

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