Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pür Minerals Grab Bag

Every once and a while Pür Minerals offers up a grab bag at a awesome discounted price. This grab bag is priced at $15 with a value of up to $100. This mystery bag is still available but I don't know for how much longer. The items in the mystery bag are usually discontinued items so you mostly likely won't be able to find them on their website. 

Price: $15.00

Pür Minerals grab bag. 

Contents of the Pür Minerals grab bag:

Pür Minerals Wild Child Eyeshadow Trio. Value = $20.86

Pür Minerals Brow Perfection Trio. Value = $19.78

Pür Minerals Eye Defining Pencil in Peridot. Value = $13.00

Pür Minerals Eye Defining Pencil in Sapphire. Value = $14.45

Pür Minerals Eye Liner Brush. Value = $13.00 

The total value of the Pür Minerals grab bag is $81.09. I was super excited about this grab bag because I have hazel eyes and I love purple eyeliner and shadow. I also love the smaller palettes for traveling because then I only need to bring one contained instead of multiples. The eyebrow trio is an interesting concept. The white part is wax so you apply that to you eyebrows then put the color on. This makes it so your eyebrow hairs get color and not your skin. I like this much better applying color to my skin. That always looks so terrible to me. I don't really need the eyeliner brush but since the other stuff was so great I don't mind having a spare. 

Verdict: Awesome grab bag at a fantastic price!

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