Thursday, May 12, 2016

April Hatchery Tasting Box

Hatchery is a subscription box for small batch food products from independent makers. This is always a great way to be able to try artisan type food products without ordering in large quantities. Each month you will get 5-6 products. The price of this box is $20 a month w/shipping included. I found a deal through Gilt for half off a 12 month subscription so each box cost me $10.  

Price: $20 a month

This box is available to the US and Canada. 

The good: 

Variety: You get to try a variety of items without having to order from lots of places. 

Not just food: They also included mixers for drinks!

Info: They product a booklet with info on each product/company. 

Need a Gift: They offer 3, 6 and 12 month gift subscriptions.

Instructions: They include recipes and or uses for the products in the box. 

Need More: They have a marketplace where you can shop your box!

The not so good:

Discounts: No discounts for long term subscriptions. 

Contents of the Hatchery Box:

2 oz. Pink House Alchemy Lavender Simple Syrup. Value = $2.13

4 oz. Sweet Revenge Granulated Nectar. Value = $2.00

1.7 oz. Formosa Hot Sauce Habanero. Value = $1.70

1.5 oz. Dress it Up Dressing. Value = $3.00

Saint Lucifer Spice. Value = $??

The total value of the Hatchery box is $8.83 not including the Saint Lucifer. A full size bottle is $6.00. I was kinda of disappointed to see two spicy items in the box and not just sort of spicy, like super hot spicy. I don't do super hot spicy so I'll be passing this on to a friend or two. The salad dressing looks delicious and I'm curious about the sugar. It's made from coconut and can be used cup for cup as an alternative to sugar. 

Verdict: I like the premise of this box but would like to see a higher value. 

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