Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amazon Snack Foods Sample Box

Amazon has stepped into the sample box game with a several boxes of their own. There are several boxes to choose from but this one is the snack foods sample box. It's important to note these boxes are available to Amazon prime members only! This box is $4.99 with shipping but it also comes with a $4.99 credit for a future purchase of any of the brands in the box.

Price: $4.99 shipped and a credit for future purchase.

The good:

This allows you to try different products without buying full size or multipacks. 

Re-order: You can get more on amazon and it doesn't get easier than that. 

They show you what could be in your box so you get an idea if it's something you would use or not.

The not so good:

This box is pretty straight forward so I couldn't think of anything not so good about it. 

Amazon snack foods box.

Contents of the snack foods sample box:

1 oz. bag Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies. Value = $1.05

.92 oz. bag Snyder's Pretzel Sticks 100 calorie bag. Value = $0.62

1 oz. bag Van's Say Cheese baked crackers. Value = $0.76

1.5 oz. bag Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar pita chips. Value = $1.00

1.5 oz. G.H. Creators Chicago Mix popped corn. Value = $1.09

1 oz. Boom Chicka Pop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn. Value = $0.88

The total value of the snack foods box is $5.40. This box value was about the same as the price paid. It's still a good deal though because this allows you to try the products without have to buy a full bag. 

Verdict: I think this is a clever and great idea from Amazon!

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