Sunday, May 29, 2016

Amazon Energy Drink Sample Box

Amazon has stepped into the sample box game with a several boxes of their own. There are several boxes to choose from but this one is the energy drink sample box. It's important to note these boxes are available to Amazon prime members only! This box is $7.99 with shipping but it also comes with a $7.99 credit for a future purchase of any of the brands in the box.

Price: $7.99 shipped and a credit for future purchase.

The good:

This allows you to try different products without buying full size or multiple quantities. 

Price: it's a great value for what you get. 

Re-order: You can get more on amazon and it doesn't get easier than that. 

They show you what could be in your box so you get an idea if it's something you would use or not.

The not so good:

Not everyone gets the same items in the box. I saw some people received starbucks drinks and I didn't get that in my box. 

Contents of the energy drink sample box:

RedBull energy drink. Value = $2.99

Guru organic energy drink. Value = $2.89

Petey's Bing Black made w/blackberry juice energy drink. Value = $2.25

illy caffè espresso style coffee drink. Value = $1.95

Celsius calorie reducing drink in sparkling orange. Value = $2.25

Stok black coffee shot. Value = $0.15

Green Superfood Lemon-Lime energy drink powder. Value = $1.46

The total value of the energy drink box is $12.48. I used prices from Amazon and my local store. There are a couple of drinks in the box that I won't drink because they have lots of carbs. I'm sure the boyfriend will give them a try though. There are a couple of drinks that are new to me and I'm excited to try. Also I'm already thinking I'm going to buy more Celsius drinks because with the $7.99 credit a 12 pack will only cost $13.31 and that includes shipping! 

Verdict: I think this is a clever and great idea from Amazon!

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