Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January Cricut Mystery Box

Cricut is a personal electronic cutting machine used in card making, scrapbooking, and crafting of all types. Cricut started selling mystery boxes which when they contain the cartridges are a terrific value! The cartridges that are needed to use the machine run anywhere from $20-$50 a piece. As you can see, adding to your collection of cartridges can add up quick.

The description of the winter mystery box said it would include 5 cartridges and the value would be $139.95. The price of this months Cricut mystery box was $39.99 with free shipping. This box is currently sold out. 

Contents of box with prices from the Cricut website listed.
The first price is the regular price and the second price is the sale price listed. 

Cricut Paper Lace 2 Cartridge. Value = $19.99/$14.99

Cricut Folk Art Festival Cartridge. Value = $29.99

Cricut Giant Flowers Cartridge. Value = $29.99

Cricut Ribbons & Rosettes Cartridge. Value = $29.99

Cricut Fontopia Cartridge. Value = $29.99

The total value of this box is $139.95 or $134.95 using Cricuts current pricing. I am always so shocked when I get cartridges that I don't have. I think I have close to 100 cartridges so I always figure I'll get a double. I actually thought I had Giant Flowers already but it's not on my list. I've been wanting Fontopia for awhile but it was a Cricut Circle Cartridge meaning you had to have a membership to purchase it. I also really like the Folk Art Cartridge it has some super cute designs on it. 

Verdict: If you are into Cricut and don't have a lot of cartridges the mystery boxes with cartridges in them is a great deal. 

Everyone Loves A Treasure

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