Sunday, January 24, 2016

January Atlas Coffee Club - subscription giveaway!

Atlas Coffee Club is a monthly subscription for, wait for it, coffee. This isn't just any run of the mill coffee though, this is special coffee. What makes Atlas Coffee Club so special? Their coffee is globally sourced from a single origin and they pay above market price for the beans helping to ensure ethical sustainable farming practices. They also roast the beans the same week they ship to ensure freshness. The price of this subscription is $19.95 a month for a 12 ounce bag of coffee. Each additional bag, up to 3 is an additional $19.95

Price: Starting at $19.95 a month with discounts for 6 and 12 month subscriptions. 

This package was sent to me complimentary for review. This is package is priced at $39.90 a month. 

The good:

Fresh: They roast the beans the same week they ship. 

Sustainable Farming: They pay the farmers above market price for the beans. 

Choice of ground or whole bean coffee

Need a gift: They offer 3, 6 and 12 month gift subscriptions 

Info: They send a card with information about from the brewers, growing region, how to brew and info about the coffee itself. 

The not so good:

Price: This is a little pricey if you're not a coffee connoisseur or are just a plain ol Folgers kind of person. 

Atlas Coffee Club

Contents of the Atlas Coffee Club box:

12 oz. bag of ground coffee from Costa Rica

12 oz. bag of ground coffee from Ethiopia. 

It's hard to place a value on this because of all the goes into it. It's a single origin bean, fresh roasted and comes with a wealth of information. I did a little poking around on the Internet and it seems this is about average for this type of subscription. I'll be completely honest and just say that I am not a coffee connoisseur. I have a regular drip coffee maker and I drink everything from Folgers to 100% Kona coffee from Maui. The information card even included which type of brewing method to use of which I had neither. Again I'm not a coffee connoisseur but I thought this coffee was really good, even in the regular drip coffee maker. I thought the Costa Rica coffee was a little strong (more than I'm use to) and the boyfriend found it a little light. I thought the Ethiopia coffee was just perfect, very mellow but tasty. 

The good people at Atlas Coffee Club are giving away a 3 month subscription!! How awesome is that. Don't delay, enter today!

Verdict: If you want to treat yourself to a special coffee once a month give this a try. I personally am thinking I know of a couple of people this would make a great gift for! 


  1. I'm not coffee connoisseur either but any chance to try some higher end coffee and I am all for it!! :) Thanks for the chance!

    1. I agree. You never know it may change your taste buds forever!