Friday, December 25, 2015

PopSugar Must Have -Special Edition For Him Box

PopSugar Must Have Box always has a special holiday box for him and her in addition to their regular monthly boxes. The price of the holiday special edition box is $100 with shipping included.

This is the briefcase and blanket that came in the bag. I didn't want to take them out of the plastic because I'm giving them as gifts and my cats were lurking around waiting to leave all their cat hair on them. 

All the other treasures in the bag. 

The single malt toothpicks.

Contents of the PopSugar Special Edition Holiday for Him 2015

Esperos Baldwin Porter Brief. Value = $99.00

Men in Cities Double Sided Cash & Credit Money Clip. Value = $40.00

Woolrich Exclusive Urban Throw Oversized Plaid Blanket. Value = $85.00

Southern Culture Original Candied Bacon Rub. Value = $6.99

Danes Single Malt No. 16 Toothpicks. Value = $8.99

ACME Party Box Company Moscow Mule Mug. Value = $20.00

Pair of Thieves Socktail. Value = $24.00

The total value of this Holiday Special Edition for Him Box is $283.98. This was an exciting box for me because I was able to use the blanket as a gift and 2 of the other things as stocking stuffers. Two of the items in the box, the socks and money clip I'm not too excited about but I'm hoping I can trade them. I would love another moscow mule cup and depending on how well the bacon rub turns out maybe another one of those. 

Verdict: For $100 this was a great box!

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