Saturday, November 21, 2015

November French Box

French Box contains, you guessed it, French items! This box ships every other month instead of monthly. French Box guarantees at least 5 products in each box but not always beauty items. They charge your card about a week before the box ships and you can cancel anytime.  

Price: $36 every 2 months. 

This is available to the 48 states (sorry Alaska and Hawaii) and ships from Miami Florida.

The good: 

Foreign Beauty: If you are into French items that you might not be able to easily find in the US then this box is fun.

Variety: Not just beauty products, there was also food and home goods in the box.

Packaging: The box everything arrives in is really cute and worth 

Skip: You can put your account on suspend up to 2 times in a 12 month period. 

The not so good:

Price: It's on the higher side but they value is definitely there.

November French Box

Contents of the French Box

30 ml oOlution Glow Up moisturizer. Value = $22.20

Too French Bulldog pouch. Value = $15.00

3.4 oz. Lanvin Shampoo.Value = $14.00

3.4 oz. Lanvin Conditioner. Value = $14.00

Chocolate Macaroon Mix. Value = $14.00

1.35 oz. Sothys Hydroptimale THI3 Foundation. Value = $36.00

The total value of this French Box is $115.20. I am pretty happy with this box. The makeup pouch is super cute and a good size. I wish I knew someone with a Frenchie that I could gift this to. I'm all about luxurious shampoos and conditioners so I happy to see the Lanvin in the box. I was also super happy about the macaroons until I realized it was a mix and I had to make them. I wanted to eat one right then, not wait. I hope they turn out good though, I've never seen boxed macaroon mix. I don't normally wear foundation but I know Sothys is a great product so I might give this one a try. 

Verdict: I was going to cancel this last month but curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to see what this month had in it. I really liked this months box but I think I'm still going to cancel. 

Everyone Loves A Treasure

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