Friday, October 30, 2015

October MightyFix box by MightyNest

MightyNest is a website that sells natural, organic and non-toxic products. Basically they have done all the research for you. They also have a monthly subscription box called The MightyFix. Each month they will handpick a singular solution that allows you to live more mindfully. The price of living more mindfully is just $10 a month with shipping included AND if you want to order something from the MightyNest store just add it to your MightyFix box and it all ships for free! In addition your MightFix box is guaranteed to have a value of at least $10 and they are not samples but full size products. There really is a lot of cool stuff on the website so if you get a chance check it out. 

This is actually my third shipment from MightyFix but I didn't post the others because of being out of town. The first box I received had reusable sandwich bags and the second box has reusable produce bags.

MightNEST sent me an offer for one month free for two people. If you are interested trying the MightyFIX box send an email to and I'll send you an invite. I'll update this when the invitations are claimed. 

Price: $10 a month. Available in the US only and ships from Evanston, Illinois.

The Good:

Full Size: The items sent are NOT samples. They are full size items and things that are sold in their online shop.

Donation: 15% of every purchase, including the subscription box goes back to a school of your choice. 

Gift: Need a gift? They offer 3, 6, or 12 months subscriptions. 

The Not So Good:

I really can't think of anything not so good about this. 

October MightyFix Box

Contents of the MightyFix box:

(2) Full Circle Tidy Dish Cloths with 3 towels in each pack. Value = $5.99

I am happy with this box. I don't use dish cloths for cleaning my dishes but I do use them for cleaning counters, spills and etc so they will be useful. 

Verdict: I think this box is a good deal for $10 a month. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October Gobble Box - Weekly Meal Delivery Service

Gobble is a little different from the other weekly meal delivery companies. The Gobble meals are mostly pre-cooked and take about 10 minute to prepare. They advertise that you go from kit to table in 10 minutes or less. Each meal is 500-700 calories making them a healthy choice. Gobble also sources their ingredients from local (to them) places in some cases the same farms and purveyors as local michelin star restaurants. The standard dinner kit comes with 3 different recipes each serving 2 people. Those total cost for that service is $71.70. If you want each recipe to serve more people then it's an additional $11.95 per meal in increments of 2. Meaning you can order a serving for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 and each increment adds $23.90. Sounds confusing but it's not once you order. 

Price: For standard meal delivery of 3 recipes/2 servings each $71.70 per week. 

This service only ships to California and Nevada at this time. 

The good:

Busy: This is great for busy people. The ingredients are fresh, on hand and the meals take on average 10-15 to prepare.

Don't cook?: The included recipe cards are easy to follow and a some of the ingredients are already cooked. 

Eating Healthy: Each meal is 500-700 calories.

Ingredients: fresh ingredients from local (to them) purveyors. 

Need a specific delivery day: You can choose between Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Also the food is well packed on ice packs in an insulated box.

The not so good:

Price: It's a bit pricey at $24 per 2 person meal but you're paying for convenience. I can tell you after working a 12 hour shift the last thing I want to do is come home and prepare a meal from scratch. 

Salmon Cakes with poached potato salad & lemon caper aioli -Ingredients.

Salmon Cakes - Prepared. 

Cassoulet with Garlic Sausage & Duck Confit - Ingredients

Cassoulet - Prepared (I took it for lunch)

Pomegranate Braised Short Ribs with Root Vegetable Mash - Ingredients

Pomegranate Braised Short Ribs with Root Vegetable Mash - Prepared

The recipes:

Salmon Cakes - Very good but not easy to make. My salmon cakes fell apart. 

Cassoulet with Garlic Sausage & Duck Confit - I picked this one because the boyfriend likes duck. I'm not a fan personally. Even though I don't like duck normally I tried it anyway and it was very good. I ended up taking it for lunch and it was delicious! 

Pomegranate Braised Short Ribs with Root Vegetable Mash - I picked this one because I love short ribs and the boyfriend is not a fan. We both thought it was delicious. 

FREE BOX - If you're interested in receiving a free box with 3 meal kits send me your email address. First come first serve. Only available to NEW Gobble customers. I will update this post when this offer is claimed. I have 2 free boxes available. 

Verdict: I enjoyed the quickness of these meals but it's a more expensive option than other similar services. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October Target Beauty Box

Every now and then Target puts together a box of goodies and offers them for $5-$10.00 each. It's similar to the WalMart box except this doesn't have a set shipping schedule and you can't subscribe. Once they go on sale they are sold on a first come first serve basis and they sell out quick! This box was priced at $10.00 with shipping included and they said it had a value of $50.   

The Good:

Price: You can't beat the price!

Contents: They tell you what's in the box before you order. 

Like the products: They even include a coupon for $3 off a purchase at Target. 

The Not So Good:

Goes Fast: This sells out super fast so you have to order quick. 

Random: The boxes have no set schedule so you never know when they are going to be available. 

Beauty Box by Target

Contents of the Target Beauty Box:

FULL SIZE RoC Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. Value = $20.49

1 oz. Skin Fix Ultra Rich Body Butter. Value = $2.25

FULLS SIZE Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in Wardrobe. Value = $8.59

1 oz. Acure Repairing Shampoo. Value = $1.25

1 oz. Acure Repairing Conditioner. Value = $1.25

.75 oz. Hello fluoride toothpaste in supermint. Value = $0.67

FULL SIZE CoverGirl Intensify Me Liquid Liner. Value = $6.99

3 pack Goody flat silicone elastics. Value = $0.85

1 serving Olly Undeniable Beauty gummies. Value = $0.47

2 use pack S.W Basics of  Brooklyn Exfoliant. Value = $??

Coupon for $3 off beauty purchase of $15 or more at Target. 

The total value of this beauty box is $42.81 not including the exfoliant pack. This didn't quite hit the $50 mark as promised but I still think it's a good value. I definitely got my $10 out of it. I love the color of the Revlon lipstick and I can't wait to try it out. The CoverGirl eye liner is interesting. It says it has a paddle tip which starts out small then gets thicker. I don't even know what that means but I can't wait to try it. 

Verdict: Great deal for $10.00 and you know what you're getting before hand. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

October Bestowed Box

Bestowed was created by nutritionist and author Heather Bauer in an effort to answer the question everyone had when it comes to health food.."which one of these is really the best?" Each month, Heather and her team of health and diet experts carefully curate 7-10 healthy snacks, beverages and lifestyle item and send them to you. Bestowed has also partnered with The Food Trust and for each box sold they supply a kid in need with a days worth of snacks. The price of this box is $20.00 a month with shipping included. They also have 3 and 6 month plans that offer a 10-15% discount.

Bestowed offered this box to me for review for a discounted price of $10.00

Price: $20 a month w/no option to skip. Discounts for 3 and 6 months prepaid plans. 

This subscription is only available in the US and ships from New York. 

Bestowed is offering 10% off any subscription using code LOVEHEALTHY. 

The good:

Variety: I liked that there was some variety to this box. It wasn't just limited to food or products, you get both!

Good size samples: The samples are full size or close to it.

Information: They include a sheet with product info and tips on usage.

The not so good:

Skip a month: I didn't see an option to skip a month.

October Bestowed Box.

Contents of box with approximate retail value:

Fig Food Co. Creamy Mushroom Soup. Value = $5.29

1.5 oz. I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs. Value = $1.99

1 oz. Matt's Munchies All Natural Premium Fruit Snacks. Value = $1.75

NoGii Super Protein Bar. Value = $3.81

(2) Numi Tea Tumeric Teas. Value = $0.67/ea.

(2) .5 oz. NuttZo Chocolate 2Go Packets. Value = $1.39/ea.

(3) RSVP Skinnies Drink Mixers. Value = $1.00/ea.

Simply7 Sea Salt Hummus Chips. Value = $1.00

The total value of this months box is $20.96. I'm really liking this months box. I can't wait to try the RSVP mixers. It says to mix with 1 oz. alcohol and water and you will have a cocktail. You could but some mini bottles of alcohol and make a gift basket out of it. The keenwah puffs didn't have a lot of flavor but they had a ton of crunch. definitely satisfied the need for crunchy food. I've tried to the NoGii bars before and they are actually really good. They don't have that chalky, thick protein bar taste and it has an incredible 20g of protein!

Verdict: This box was delicious and had a good value!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

October Cricut Mystery Box

Cricut is a personal electronic cutting machine used in card making, scrapbooking, and crafting of all types. Cricut started selling mystery boxes which when they contain the cartridges are a terrific value! The cartridges that are needed to use the machine run anywhere from $20-$50 a piece. As you can see, adding to your collection of cartridges can add up quick.

The price of this months Cricut mystery box was $39.99 with free shipping.

This mystery box isn't available anymore but if you're interested in materials for your cricut they have a mystery materials box available. 

October Cricut Mystery Box Cartridges

October Cricut Mystery Box. 

Contents of box with prices from the Cricut website listed.
The first price is the regular price and the second price is the sale price listed. 

Cricut Days and Dates Cartridge. Value = $29.99/$19.99

Cricut Mondo Fonts Cartridge. Value = $29.99/$19.99

Cricut  Bits and Pieces Cartridge. Value = $29.99/$19.99

Cricut Box It Up Cartridge. Value = $29.99/$19.99

Cuttlebug Crown Rosette Kit. Value = $24.99/12.49

Cuttlebug Scallop Rosette Kit. Value = $12.49??, this is no longer available on their website.

Cuttlebug Quilled Rose/Carnation Kit. Value = $12.49??, this is no longer available on their website.

Cricut Iron-On Lite in Plum. Value = $$12.99/$7.79

The total value of this box is $125.22. This was probably one of the best boxes cricut has sent out. I was expecting just 4 cartridges but the extras were nice surprise. The only problem is I don't have a cuttlebug so I can't use the flower kits. I actually considered buying a cuttlebug just I could use these kits because they are so cute.  

Verdict: If you are into Cricut and don't have a lot of cartridges the mystery boxes with cartridges in them is a great deal. 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October GlossyBox

GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends 5 travel size beauty items a month.  You can sign up monthly for $21/month, 6 months for $115 (breaks down to $19.16/month), or yearly for $220 (breaks down to $18.33/month).  Shipping is included in these prices. The price is higher than a lot of the other beauty companies but they include luxury items in their boxes. The company ships their boxes towards the end of the month so you will receive it at the end of the month or the beginning of the following month.

Price: $21 a month with discounts for 6 and 12 month subscriptions. 

This subscription is available in the US (not including Alaska or Hawaii), Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. 

The good:

The brands: They have well known quality brands like OPI, Zoya, Burberry, C.O. Bigelow, Ahava, Sebastian and other brands specific to other countries. 

The sizes: They send deluxe size samples and usually at least one full  size item. 

The box: I know it's just a box but it's a really nice sturdy box. The regular boxes are pink and the special collaboration boxes vary in design in color. It's a perfect box for reusing to store items or for a gift. 

Information. They provide information on the products you receive and how much the full size is priced at.  I like knowing this info up front and not having to search for it. 

Free stuff: If you provide feedback on your products you earn glossydots which will eventually earn you a free box. You can also earn glossydots from referrals. You have to claim your free box before your subscription ends and becomes inactive. This can be tricky because you don't want to receive duplicate boxes.

The not so good:

The price: This can be a little high for some people but if you want to receive known/quality brands it's worth it.

Skip: There is no option to skip a month. 

October GlossyBox

Contents of the GlossyBox with retail price:

Phyto Phytokératine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray. Value = $6.40

FULL SIZE De Bruyére Paris Red Lipgloss. Value = $17.50

FULL SIZE Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel with Rose Petals. Value = $26.00

FULL SIZE Lollipops Make Up Paris nail lacquer in Voyage a Paris. Value = $10.00

FULL SIZE La Société Parisienne De Savons guest soap. Value = $6.00

The total value of this GlossyBox is $65.90. I can't believe that little Nuxe gel is $26.00! I can't wait to try it. I love exfoliating products and it's cheaper than getting a microdermabrasion. I'm also excited to try the Photo product. I hear good things about that brand and that it really works. I'm getting my hair done this week so I'll need to do some repair and rehydrating after my appointment. The lip gloss and nail polish are ok but I already have red colors so I'll probably trade these. The guest soap is nice and I'll probably put it in the bathroom. 

Verdict: This box had a couple of items I'm excited to try. 

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Monday, October 19, 2015

October PopSugar Box

The PopSugar Must Have Box is a monthly subscription box that is geared toward many aspects of your lifestyle.  It includes, food, beauty, fashion, tech, and all kinds of other treasures. The price of the box is $39.95 a month w/shipping included.  They also have 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions and each one saves you a little bit of money.

Price: $35.78-$39.95 a month depending on plan with no option to skip. 

This subscription is available in the US only and ships from Gilroy, Ca.  

The good: 

Products: Full size products as promised and a nice variety of beauty, home etc.  

Booklet: The include an info booklet in each box about the products including the value. 

Pricing structure: They have monthly, 3, 6 and yearly subscriptions.  Each one (except monthly) saves you a little bit of money.  

Referrals: The offer a generous referral program.  Refer 2 people get a month free. 5 people 3 months free and 10 people is 6 months free.  I've was super lucky and 10 people used my referral link so I got 6 months free way back when I first started subscribing.

The not so good:

The price: $40 is a little high for a monthly box but you do get some really cool stuff with a value of way more than $40

Skip a month: There is no option to skip, only cancel.

Max Referrals: They only reward you for the first 10 referrals. I think they're referral program is very generous but I would like to see something beyond 10 referrals. Maybe some type of point system or discount. ***The referral counts are being reset soon so you will get to refer people again if you've maxed out****

October PopSugar Must Have Box

Contents of box with approximate retail price:

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. Value = $25.00

Savvy Sleepers Luxury Satin Pillowcase. Value = $36.00

Easy, Tiger Brown Paper Liquor Bag Set.  Value = $8.00

Belgian Boys De Stroopwafel. Value = $1.59

The Honest Company Sea Salt + sugar Body Scrub. Value = $17.00

Richer Poorer Hope Slipper Socks. Value = $15.00

Special Extras:

Danielle Stevens $40 Gift Card. Value = $? Requires an out of pocket expense.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product. Value $11.96

The value of this box is $114.55. I wasn't to excited by this box. It had some ok items in it but nothing I was too overjoyed about. I'll read the book, Mindy Kaling is quite funny. The satin pillowcase is nice but I have animals and white anything doesn't go with animals especially black ones. The liquor bag set is sooo not something I would use, not even for a gift. I loved the stroopwafel! I also like the body scrub and I haven't tried this brand before. The slippers are ok and I do like that they have gripper feet. I'm also happy about the leave-in product because I'm always using hair products to keep my hair healthy since I do so much crazy stuff to it. 

Verdict: This months PopSugar was an ok box.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

October BeautyFIX Box

The Blush Beauty Mystery Box is now called BeautyFIX by Dermstore. I'm not sure why the name is changed but everything else seems to be pretty much the same. Each month Dermstore will send out a BeautyFIX box filled with skin care, makeup and hair care with a value of at least $100. The price on the website shows $34.95 but if you sign up for a monthly subscription the price is $24.95. Both prices include shipping. Also if you subscribe your first month is half price making it $12.48 for your first box. 

Price: $24.95-$34.95 a month with no option to skip.

Ships to US only, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico additional shipping charges apply.

The good:

Price: They send great products with a value of at least $100 that's 3-4 times the price of the box.

Want more: Since they have a retail website reordering is easy and all these products were easily found.

Referrals: If you refer someone that person gets $10 off a purchase of $30 or more and you get $10. 

Discount: They offer a discount if you want to purchase an item from your box.

The not so good:

Price: This is one of the higher priced subscriptions but the products are usually high end.

Skip: Their website is not user friendly.  I couldn't find an option to skip or cancel.

Referrals: It's not a clickable link for referrals. You have to send an invite via email.

October BeautyFIX box.

Contents of BeautyFIX w/approximate retail price from Dermstore listed:

.68 Ahava Dead Sea Water Mineral Hand Cream. Value = $4.60

.14 oz. Osmotic Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair. Value = $8.17

FULL SIZE Follimedica Hair Regrowth Treatment for women. Value = $35.00

FULL SIZE Cargo Eyeshadow in Moreton Bay. Value = $16.00

.35 oz. Replenix Neckletage. Value = $15.46

FULL SIZE Avéne Thermal Spring Water. Value = $12.50

(2) .007 Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Facial Treatment. Value = $11.00/ea.

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. Value = $8.33

FULL SIZE Osmosis Colour Eye Pencil in Plum. Value = $14.00

The total value of of this BeautyFIX box is $136.06. The most awesome thing about this box is that they give you some really high end products that I would never think of buying. Like the roloxin, osmotic and replenix products. Those little items have a super high value. I was super happy to see the coffee bean eye cream, I take that with me when I travel to fix puffy eyes. Also the last time I traveled I took the Avéne with me and it was wonderful. I felt like it added a nice little moisture burst after being dried out on the plane. The only thing I probably won't use is the follimedica hair regrowth product. I am a fortunate one that has thick hair and I actually have my stylist thin it out sometimes because it's so thick. I know how fortunate I am in this area. I'm loving the eyeshadow and eye pencil, both are purple and that's one of my favorite colors to use on my hazel eyes. 

Verdict: This months box was fantastic in value and products!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

October ipsy bag - Alter-Ego

Ipsy bag sends out 4-5 samples and a makeup bag for $10 a month with shipping included. If you sign up yearly it's $110 which brings the price down the $9.16 a month with shipping included.  I've been with them since 2011 and this is one subscription I am for sure keeping. They constantly have a high product value with products that I use.

Price: $10 a month with no option to skip. Discount offered for a yearly subscription. 

This subscription is available to the US and Canada and ships from Harrisburg, NC.

The good:

The samples: Usually you get at least one full size product in each bag.

The packaging: Each month the products come in a cute makeup bag for all your goodies.

Discounts: The almost always offer a discount on any additional purchases you want to make.

Semi-customized: You take a little quiz and your bag is semi-customized with products you will enjoy.

Points: You can earn points for reviews and referrals. You can redeem points for extra goodies in your bag. 

The not so good:

Skip a month? There is no option to skip a month.  You have to cancel.

Renewal. If your a yearly subscriber they automatically charge your credit card for another year when the paid for year is up. I think they should sent out an email prior reminding you that your year is almost up and it will automatically renew.

October ipsy (sorry about the dark picture)

Contents of bag with value and approximate retail price:

.7 oz. Ayres Hand Cream in Pampas Sunrise. Value = $6.25

FULL SIZE Coastal Scents Xpress Line Cosmetic Pencil. Value = $4.95

.05 Tarte LipSurgence lip gloss in energy. Value = $3.52

.5 oz. Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum. Value = $17.14

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter/shadow. Value = $3.00

Gold/Black Make Up Bag.

The approximate value of this months bag is $34.86. This was a great bag for me. I already have a couple of the Mary-Lou shadows but I think they are great for traveling. The only thing I wasn't too excited about is the eyeliner but only because I have a ton of them already. I like the size of the lip gloss and what I really love about it is that it's glossy without being sticky. I can't stand stick lip gloss! I'm shocked at how expensive the face serum is. A full size is .7 oz and this is .5. That always seems odd to me. Why spend the money packing a sample size that is almost a full size. Just send the full size. I like the hand cream but I was hoping it would have a more citrusy scent. 

Verdict: This is the box I've subscribed to the longest and it's still going strong. 

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

October RawSpiceBar - Malaysian Spice Box

Do you love cooking with new foods and spices? Then you have to check out RawSpiceBar. Each month you will receive 3-4 whole spices or spice blends along with a recipe to use them. Each recipe will use the include spice and will make 8-10 servings. The price of this subscription is just $6.00 a month with shipping included. You have to sign up for a minimum 3 month subscription.  

Price: $6.00 a month (minimum 3 month subscription) w/ shipping included. Discounts for 6 and 12 month subscriptions. Ships to US and Canada.

The good:

Love to cook: If you love cooking with new foods and spices this a fun way to do it. 

Know someone who loves to cook: This makes a great gift!

Price: $6 is a great low price. 

Reduce waste: It's such a terrible thing to buy a jar of spice and have it go to waste. This allows you to try the spice without buying a whole jar. 

The not so good:

Skip: I don't see an option to skip or pause your subscription. 

Buy: I really want them to have a shop on their website where you can purchase more spices you like. 

October RawSpicBar - The Malaysian Spice Box

Contents of the RawSpiceBar envelope:

.4 oz. packet Sambal Oelek 

.5 oz. packet Kaffir Lime Blend

.5 oz. packet Malaysian Laksa Spices

One of the best parts of this subscription is the included recipes. They include ingredients that are easily found at the grocery store. . 

The recipes are:

Malaysian Curry Laksa.
Sambal Oelek.
Kaffir Lime Salad.

I can't wait to try this menu. I know I will enjoy every part of it. I used to buy Sambal Oelek. I had no idea it was an actual spice. 

Verdict: I think this is a great subscription and I'm really enjoying the new spices.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Allure Beauty Box

The Allure Sample Society beauty box is a monthly service for beauty products that promises 5 fresh deluxe sized samples from luxury brands designed for multiple uses. The cost for this subscription is $15.00 a month with shipping included.

Price: $15.00 a month with no option to skip.

The good:

The samples: You get deluxe sized samples from luxury brands.   

Magazine: You get a free 12 month subscription to Allure magazine.  If you already subscribe they will extend your subscription and if you don't want it you can mail in a form for a refund on the value ($12)

Coupon: They send you a coupon with each box for $15 off a $50 purchase. The catch is your order has to include at least one item from a brand you received that month.  It doesn't have to be the item you received just the same brand.

Referrals: It's a win/win. You get a $5 credit on your account or you can donate that to charity and the person you refer gets a 20% discount on their first purchase at Beauty Bar. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: There is no option to skip a month, only cancel.

October Allure Beauty Box

Contents of box with approximate retail value.

.5 oz. Bumble and Bumble All-Style Blow Dry Cream. Value = $3.50

2.5 oz. Rituals Ginkgo's Secret Ginkgo Biloba Hand Cream. Value = $17.00

.1 oz. Jouer Daily Clarifying Treatment Oil. Value = $4.80

32.5 ml. Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque. Value = $5.25

Cargo Eyeshadow in Greenbay. Value = $16.00

Kryolan Lipstick Trio in Aurora, Eos & Nike. Value = $??

The total value of this box is $46.55 plus the kryolan lipstick sample. I'm actually loving all the stuff in this months box. I'm a big fan of bumble and bumble. I'm always using hand cream. Hair masque are something I use frequently. I think the eyeshadow will go great with my hazel eyes and I use some kind of face treatment every night so the Jouer fits right in there. Last but not least I'm not a huge lipstick person but I'm eager to try these colors, they look vibrant and fun!

Verdict: This box was perfect for me!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October MunchPak Box

MunchPak is a whole bunch of munchy fun. Each month MunchPak will send you an assortment of snacks from around the world. These are snacks that you aren't going to find at your local store, unless of course you have a store that stocks foods from other lands. They have three different size packages depending on your snacking needs and you can semi customize the box. What that means is you can specify your preference such as no nuts, more salty, less spicy and they will do their best to send you those preferences. 

For this review the good people at MunchPak sent me this box complimentary for review. This review is for the medium size box priced at $19.95.

Price: $9.95-$39.95 a month depending on which size box you prefer. If you customize add $1.00 to the price. 

This subscription is available to the US and 18 other countries. 

The good:

Variety: You get a whole bunch of random goodness in this box!

Unique: These are not your common everyday snacks. 

Price: 3 different price points and box sizes. 

Like what you tried: You can get more at their online store.

Need a gift: The holiday are rapidly approaching. You can send a gift subscription to the snacker on your list. 

The not so good:

Picky snacker: If you're not open to trying new things then this is not the snack box for you. 

Skip a month: I didn't see an option to skip a month.

October MunchPak Box
photo courtesy of the boyfriend because I told him he couldn't eat anything until I took a picture.

I'm not going to try and figure out the value of all these munchies. Some of them are familiar to me and some of them I had no idea what they were. I do know the one called Takis Paleta Fuego was super scary looking. The boyfriend handed it to me and it's a hard  red candy stick coated in red hot looking powder. I tried it but I had just eaten something with hot sauce on it so it was hard to tell how hot it was. I absolutely loved the Bake Rolls. They are little thin bagel looking crackers and are super delicious. We ate the Pepero with our morning coffee. I don't know if this is the correct way to eat them but I dipped it in my coffee. The Haribo teeth are just gummy teeth but it was really weird eating something that looked like dentures. The other thing that looked scary but was delicious were the Cheetos. They do have a spice to them but not too crazy. Strangely addicting, just like regular Cheetos. 

Verdict: This box was super fun and had some cool foreign snack foods to try.