Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to School French Box

French Box came out September of 2014 and at first it was great. After a few months they started having issues with their box and unhappy subscribers. Instead of shutting down they stopped shipping, re-grouped, re-vamped and came back improved. One of the big changes is now the box ships every other month instead of monthly. They guarantee at least 5 products in each box but not always beauty items. They charge your card about a week before the box ships and you can cancel anytime. 

I signed up for the box on May 20th. They don't charge your card until the box ships which is good. I wasn't sure when the next box would be but I guessed July since that was two months from May. I didn't hear any in July and then finally on August 10th I received an email saying my card was charged. I received tracking info on August 19th and the box arrived on August 24th. 

Price: $36 every 2 months. 

This is available to the 48 states (sorry Alaska and Hawaii) and ships from Miami Florida.

The good: 

Foreign Beauty: If you are into French items that you might not be able to easily find in the US then this box is fun.

Variety: Not just beauty products, there was also food and home goods in the box.

Packaging: The box everything arrives in is really cute and worth keeping. 

The not so good:

Skip: There is no option to skip, only cancel and re-sign up.

Price: It's on the higher side but they value is definitely there.

Unboxing Part I - Notebook, pen and postcard.

I didn't really know what "French Ruled" meant when it came to notebooks but I guess it looks like this. Seems like it would be hard to read.

Unboxing Part II - Cookies, Dry Body Oil

Unboxing Part III - Kitchen Towel

Unboxing Part IV - Panoramic photo of Notre-Dame at Dusk

Contents of the French Box

Clairefontaine French Ruled Notebook. Value = $5.00

BIC 4-Color ballpoint pen. Value = $4.00

Durance Dry Oil for Body.Value = $33.00

Pierre Biscuiterie Butter Biscuits. Value = $5.00

Torches Bouchons Paris Kitchen Towel. Value = $22.00

Notre-Dame at Dusk Panoramic Photo. Value = $8.00

The total value of this French Box is $77.00. I couple of weeks ago I received an email from French box with a link to choose which Durance product I wanted and which kitchen towel print I wanted. I thought that was super cool, except I didn't get either thing I picked. I understand it's a first come first serve kind of thing but I responded to the email within minutes of getting it. I love butter biscuits and I'm going to save these for Sunday coffee with the boyfriend. Lastly the photo of Notre Dame is nice but I'm not sure where I would put it. I like to decorate with photos I've taken on vacations or art I've purchased.  

The big disappointment in the box is the BIC pen. Don't get me wrong this multi-color pens are color but nothing about it says French to me. Apparently they are very popular in France. Even though I didn't get the kitchen towel I wanted I still like this one very much. Also I had picked the body oil with fig extracts because I love figs but I received poppy instead. The poppy smells nice though so I'm ok with it. 

Verdict: I only paid $14 for this box so it was worth it for me. I don't think I will be subscribing though. 
Everyone Loves A Treasure

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