Sunday, July 5, 2015

O'a Circle of Friends - Test and Keep Product

Back in October Oprah 2014 launched her new O's Circle of Friends subscription. The subscription has three levels of membership and each one offers a little something different. The basic membership is $39 the prime membership is $99 and the premier membership is $199. The prime membership has all the bell and whistles, such as the test and keep products and surprise gift but it's also expensive. I debated on which one to sign up for but because Oprah has the magic touch when it comes to products I opted for the premier membership. I was intrigued by the "test (and keep!)" products component. Per their website the total value of the premier membership is $597.00 

The good:

Oprah: Pretty much everything associated with Oprah turns to gold. 

Price: Three different price levels. 

The not so good:

Value: So far I'm not seeing the value in the premier membership.

Contents of the Test and Keep box:

May Kary Lash Love Mascara. Value = $15.00

The total value of this test and keep box is $15.00. I'm not really excited about this because it's a mascara and I have a drawer full of them right now. I don't hold that against them though because how would they know that I have enough mascara to least me 10 years.. 

Here are the items I've received so far with this subscription:

One year subscription to O Magazine print & digital. Value = $16.00

(2) Gift subscription to O Magazine. Value = $16.00/ea.

Keepsake Gift Box of luxury items. Value = $122.27

Surprise Gift (Sequin Bangle). Value = $28.00

Test (and keep) product (Tips and Toes Kit from Burt's Bees). Value = $13.00

O's Little Book of Happiness. Value = $17.99

Test and Keep GlossyBox full of products. Value = $42.76

Test and Keep Box with hair products. Value = $35.99

Test and Keep Box with Mary Kay Mascara. Value = $15.00

The total value I have received is $323.01. By my calculations I should be getting more items totaling $273.99 coming my way in the next 3 months if they want to honor the $597 value promised.

Verdict: This is probably the most disappointing box I've ever subscribed to. I expected more or at the very least what was promised since it was associated with Oprah.

Everyone Loves A Treasure

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