Friday, July 3, 2015

June OrangeGlad box

Orange Glad has been around for awhile but the price always seemed a little high to me so I never signed up. Recently though they had a promo coupon making a 6 month subscription $71.82 which made each box $11.97. I felt that was reasonable so I signed up. This is box 5 of 6. The way Orange Glad works is each month they will send you 5 gourmet sweet treats. The price is $15.00 a month plus $4.00 shipping making it a total of $19.00 a month. 

Price: $19.00 a month w/shipping included. 

If you want to give OrangeGlad a try use code anishaog33549 and get $10 off your first box. 

The good: 

Sweet Tooth: A fun way to try new sweet treats. 

Like what you tried: They have many of the items in their online shop.

Need a gift: Who doesn't like sweet treat mail. 

The not so good:

Price: Even though the price is lower it's still kind of high. HOWEVER you get some fantastic treats! 

June OrangeGlad Box

Contents of the OrangeGlad Box:

The Crispery Marshmallows Rice Treat in Cookies & Cream. Value = $4.25 - Oh my god this is so delicious!

The Baking Bean Raspberry Matcha cookie sandwiches. Value = $4.20 - I loved the matcha flavor with this cookie. 

Becky's Blissful Bakery, salted beer and pretzel caramels. Value = $8.99 - I love the pretzel in this caramel. 

Fine Sconehenge Baking Co. Luscious Lemon Bar. Value = $2.50 - I love lemon anything and this is no exception. It's so soft and delicious and lemony. 

Cookies Con Amore Italian Jelly Filled Linzer. Value = $?? - These are priced at $15 a pound but it doesn't say how many are in a pound. 

The approximate value of this box is $19.94 not including the linzer cookies. This box a good value since they lowered their pricing. I should've taken a a better picture of the marshmallow treat. It was absolutely huge! I loved the matcha cookie sandwiches. I would totally buy those! The lemon bar was also super good. Honestly everything in this months box was fantastic. 

Verdict: This box was one of the best boxes I've received from OrangeGlad


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