Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Dapper Box - Green Clove

DapperBox is a fairly new monthly subscription box to enter the subscription box market. This box is geared towards men and it contains men's clothing items. Each box contains 4-5 Dapper items worth up to $96. They advertise that they source from the best brands and factories to bring the customer premium men's goods. The price of the DapperBox is $29 a month with shipping included. 

Price: $29 a month with shipping included. Discounts for 3, 6 and 12 month plans. Ships internationally for an additional $8. 

This box was sent to me complimentary from DapperBox for review. 

The Good:

Funky sense of style: Have a guy who likes to spice up his wardrobe a bit. This box could be fun. 

Convenience: Most men don't care for shopping. This is an easy way for the items to come to him. 

Color Coordinated: The items in each box are color coordinated.

The Not So Good:

Price: The price is a little high for a monthly box BUT it's pretty convenient to get clothing in the mail. 

Info: There was nothing in box other than the products. I always like a little info card included with the items. 

July DapperBox - Green Clove

DapperBox Cuff Links

Contents of the DapperBox:

Green Tie. Value = $??

2 pairs of patterned socks. Value = $??

Lucha Libre Cuff Links. Value = $14.00

1 oz. Das Boom lotion with a tobacco, musk, motor oil scent. Value = $3.00

It's hard to put a value on this box because there are no labels on any of the items (except the lotion) so I don't know where they come from. I was able to find the cuff links and the $14 is an average price I found. I would say the tie and socks range anywhere from $10-$20. If you used $10 then that would put the value just over the price paid. I gave this box to the boyfriend to inspect after I opened it. I wanted to get his opinion since he is a boy and all. He didn't seem impressed at all but I will say he's more of a traditional guy and wouldn't wear crazy colors of any kind. I thought he might be ok with the tie but he said no. I'm thinking his brother might wear it though so I think I will pass it off to him. I actually liked the socks for myself so I'm keeping those. I can't think of anyone who would wear the cuff links but I'm sure I'll find someone. I thought the lotion smelled terrible but the boyfriend didn't think it was that bad. Guess he's grown fond of eau de motor oil. Lol.

Verdict: This could be a fun gift for the funky guy in your life. 

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