Monday, July 13, 2015

July BetterBox

BetterBox is a new and very interesting subscription box. It contains tangible items for yourself but also items that will help you do activities that nourish your humanness. Basically this box is not just about you but it's also about giving to others. Each month the box will have theme and your activities will be centered around that theme.

Price: $29.00 a month w/discounts offered for 6 & 12 month plans. Shipping within the US is included in the price.  

This subscription is available to the US and Canada (Add $5 shipping). Ships from Phoenix, Arizona

The Good:

Awareness: I think this is an interesting box because it's not just about getting items for yourself but it makes you aware of others.

Gift: Don't know what to get the person that has everything? Maybe this would be a great gift for them. 

Skip: You can log onto your account and skip or cancel. 

The Not So Good:

Price: The price is kind of high for a monthly subscription. 

This is how the box looks when you open it. 

Instructions on how the box works. 

Here are the items in my box. The theme this month is Gratitude. 

Information card. 

Contents of the BetterBox:

Gratitude Reflection Map

Artisinal Appreciation Cards

Gratitude Proclamation Post-Its

Hand-crafted Tea from Tea Forte

Gratitude Touchstone

Appreciation Smiley Face Cookie

The Soaking Tub, Organic Botanical Bath Salts in sweet red hibiscus. 

This box is not one I can really put a value on. I can add up the items in the box but of course they aren't going to add up to $29.00. This is one of those boxes where the value is more than the items in the box. 

When you receive your box you will be directed to a website where you will enter your name, email and code to get your first activity. 

The 1st day activity was a gratitude deed where I was instructed to fill out the gratitude mind map. The "map" is a paper included in the box and the first task says "I am grateful for, who, where, what. Then it ask why/what qualities they have. This is a mindfulness exercise and a reminder of all the positive in your life. 

The 2nd day activity said to use one of the appreciation cards to write a hand-written note of appreciation to a friend. This is a great idea. With technology being what it is when is the last time you sent a cards or letter to someone as opposed to email or text? You could write a note and put it in your significant others lunch, briefcase, backpack or whatever it is they carry. 

The 3rd day activity said to grab 5 of the sticky notes from the box and on each one write a different thing about my body that I like. After writing them out post the notes on a mirror, fridge, workspace, etc. 

The 4th day was a quote from Better Box founder, Eric Walrabenstein. "The regular practice of gratitude trains our attention to gravitate toward the blessings in our lives." 

The 5th day activity was to take 3 photos of 3 things I'm grateful for and post to social media. #BetterBoxLife to win a surprise gift from Better Box. 

The 6th day was a quote from Cicero "Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues, it is also the parent of all others."

The 7th day activity said to take 3 of the sticky notes from the box and write "The World is Grateful for YOU" on them and put them someplace where a stranger to find. 

That is a sample of a weeks worth of activities. It's kind of fun and really makes you take a step back and remember to have gratitude. 

Verdict: This is a fun box. I think $30 a month is a little high though. 

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