Friday, July 31, 2015

OuiPlease Vol 1.4 Escape to the French Riviera

If you haven't heard of OuiPlease it's one of the newest and much anticipated subscription box to hit the market. I think a big reason for all the chatter about the box is because of the price. The OuiPlease box ships 6 times a year and a single box is $175, a month-to-month subscription will run you $150 and a yearly subscription is $650. Per the OuiPlease website your special delivery will feature a surprise selection of products, including the very best France has to offer in beauty, jewelry, accessories, apparel, home and epicure.

Price: $108-$175 every two months depending on subscription commitment. 

The Good:

Luxury products: The boxes are filled with name brands that would be considered luxurious.

Variety: This box isn't just beauty products. It will have jewelry, apparel, home goods, etc.

Information: They include their own magazine that talks about the products in the box as well as other products.

Pricing Structure: They offer one-time, monthly or yearly subscriptions. It would be nice to see a 6 month (3 box) subscription tier.

The Not So Good

Price: The price is way high but at the same time you will hopefully get what you pay for.

Referrals: I would like to see a referral program. If you can convince someone to spend this much money on a box you should get a little thank you treasure.

Each month the package comes with a French word on white paper. This one means plunges.

This month there was a packing slip in the box. This is new. 

This box has lots of treasures in it. This is the first pic. 

Here are the food treasures.

Life is Beautiful t-shirt. 

Earrings, Clutch and Headband

Cute Earrings.

Contents of the Volume 1.4 OuiPlease Box:

Grain De Pastel Face & Body Butter. Value = $50.00

Grain De Pastel Hand Cream. Value = $30.00

Pier Augé Body Lotion. Value = $80.00

Doux Me Orange Blossom Mist. Value = $35.00

Kingies Life Is Beautiful T-shirt. Value = $40.00

La Fare 1979 Lavender Flower Jar. Value = $20.00

Betty Sketch Coasters. Value = $20.00

LuLu en Provence Ecru Clutch. Value = $40.00

Cage Creation's Headband. Value = $30.00

Confiserie Stanislas Nougat Bar Macaroons. Value = $20.00

Objets Obscurs Xingdu Turquoise and Gold Earrings. Value = $28.00/$14.00 on sale

The value of this second box is $393.00. I question the price of the nougat bar though. $20 seems awfully high and I've bought bars like this before for a lot less. I also think the coasters are overprices at $20. They are very thin and I'm guessing won't last long. The Grain de Pastel body butter is really cool. My leaked a bit but it reminds me of whipped yogurt. I wonder if all of them are like that or just mine from sitting in a hot mailbox in 108 degree weather. The orange mist is nice and light, just enough for a little scent. I think the t-shirt is really cute, especially with the little french accent to it, but unfortunately it's not going to fit me. It says XL but I think it's a small XL. The earrings are fun and I checked out their website and they have lots of fun jewels and everything is 50% off right now! The headband is cute and I will use it but $30 is a little ridiculous. The clutch isn't really fancy or anything but it's well made and I will most likely use it for traveling.  

Verdict: It's a lot of money but it definitely has value. 

Everyone Loves A Treasure

Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Dapper Box - Green Clove

DapperBox is a fairly new monthly subscription box to enter the subscription box market. This box is geared towards men and it contains men's clothing items. Each box contains 4-5 Dapper items worth up to $96. They advertise that they source from the best brands and factories to bring the customer premium men's goods. The price of the DapperBox is $29 a month with shipping included. 

Price: $29 a month with shipping included. Discounts for 3, 6 and 12 month plans. Ships internationally for an additional $8. 

This box was sent to me complimentary from DapperBox for review. 

The Good:

Funky sense of style: Have a guy who likes to spice up his wardrobe a bit. This box could be fun. 

Convenience: Most men don't care for shopping. This is an easy way for the items to come to him. 

Color Coordinated: The items in each box are color coordinated.

The Not So Good:

Price: The price is a little high for a monthly box BUT it's pretty convenient to get clothing in the mail. 

Info: There was nothing in box other than the products. I always like a little info card included with the items. 

July DapperBox - Green Clove

DapperBox Cuff Links

Contents of the DapperBox:

Green Tie. Value = $??

2 pairs of patterned socks. Value = $??

Lucha Libre Cuff Links. Value = $14.00

1 oz. Das Boom lotion with a tobacco, musk, motor oil scent. Value = $3.00

It's hard to put a value on this box because there are no labels on any of the items (except the lotion) so I don't know where they come from. I was able to find the cuff links and the $14 is an average price I found. I would say the tie and socks range anywhere from $10-$20. If you used $10 then that would put the value just over the price paid. I gave this box to the boyfriend to inspect after I opened it. I wanted to get his opinion since he is a boy and all. He didn't seem impressed at all but I will say he's more of a traditional guy and wouldn't wear crazy colors of any kind. I thought he might be ok with the tie but he said no. I'm thinking his brother might wear it though so I think I will pass it off to him. I actually liked the socks for myself so I'm keeping those. I can't think of anyone who would wear the cuff links but I'm sure I'll find someone. I thought the lotion smelled terrible but the boyfriend didn't think it was that bad. Guess he's grown fond of eau de motor oil. Lol.

Verdict: This could be a fun gift for the funky guy in your life. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Bestowed Box

Bestowed was created by nutritionist and author Heather Bauer in an effort to answer the question everyone had when it comes to health food.."which one of these is really the best?" Each month, Heather and her team of health and diet experts carefully curate 7-10 healthy snacks, beverages and lifestyle item and send them to you. Bestowed has also partnered with The Food Trust and for each box sold they supply a kid in need with a days worth of snacks. The price of this box is $20.00 a month with shipping included. They also have 3 and 6 month plans that offer a 10-15% discount.

Bestowed offered this box to me for review for a discounted price of $10.00

Price: $20 a month w/no option to skip. Discounts for 3 and 6 months prepaid plans. 

This subscription is only available in the US and ships from New York. 

Bestowed is offering 10% off any subscription using code LOVEHEALTHY. 

The good:

Variety: I liked that there was some variety to this box. It wasn't just limited to food or products, you get both!

Good size samples: The samples are full size or close to it.

Information: They include a sheet with product info and tips on usage.

The not so good:

Skip a month: I didn't see an option to skip a month.

July Bestowed Box. 

Contents of box with approximate retail value:

7 Day Align Probiotic Supplement. Value = $7.50

. 5 oz. Justin's Almond Butter in Classic. Value = $0.83

.5 oz. Justin's Almond Butter in Maple. Value = $0.83

Miracle Tree Moringa Organic Tea in Strawberry. Value = $0.32

Miracle Tree Moringa Organic Tea in Mint . Value = $0.32

.10 oz. Natralia Heel Balm. Value = $0.40

(2) Nature's Bakery Gluten-Free Fig Bars. Value = $0.50/ea.

1 1/8 oz. Quest Nutrition Protein Chips in BBQ. Value = $2.39

(3) .1 oz. Nekkar Honey Crystals. Value = $0.10/ea.

Coupon for Ruby Rocket's Veggie & Fruit Pops. Value = $5.99

Yoga Anytime 1 month Online Membership. Value = $18.00

The total value of this months box is $37.99 or $13.89 if you don't include the coupon or yoga online membership. I really hope I can find the veggie and fruit pops at a store I shop at. I'm seriously interested in trying them. I take probiotics everyday and I like the brand I use but I'll throw these in the mix too. I'm a fan of the Justin's almond butter. These little 80 calorie packs are perfect for lunches. Another item I was thrilled about is the fig bars. I say was thrilled about because the boyfriend ate them! Grrrr. My bad for not hiding a pack, it was out in the fair game snack bowl. 

Verdict: This box was pretty good. If you paid full price you would break even on the value. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Target Back to College - Honor Roll Box

Every now and then Target puts together a box of goodies and offers them for $5 each. It's similar to the WalMart box except this doesn't have a set shipping schedule and you can't subscribe. Once they go on sale they are sold on a first come first serve basis and they sell out quick!

This month Target had two boxes offered. This box is called Back to College, Honor Roll.

I'm not going to break down the good and not so good of this box since it's a one time purchase box. Also Target tells you what items and sizes are included so nothing is a surprise. Basically you know what you're getting when you buy the beauty box.

Target Honor Roll Box

Contents of the Target Beauty Box:

Bathery Delicate Pouf. Value = $2.99

1 oz. John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7-Day Treatment. Value = $2.25

3 oz. Olay White Strawberry Body Wash. Value = $0.64

FULL SIZE NYX Butter Gloss Strawberry Parfait. Value = $4.99

3 pack Goody Ouchless Elastics. Value = $0.39

FULL SIZE CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Primer. Value = $9.79

10 pack Burt's Bees White Tea Facial Wipes. Value = $5.99

Coupon for $3 off beauty purchase of $15 or more at Target. 

The total value of this beauty box is $24.07. I think these boxes are totally worth the $5 even if you don't use everything. The boyfriend uses the bath poufs and he left his in Norway so he stole mine. Now I have a back up. I love the smell of the olay body wash. I use facial towelettes everyday and although Burt's Bees is not my favorite I'll still use them. I already have a sample of the John Frieda product but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. 

Verdict: Great deal for $5 and you know what you're getting before hand. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Target Beauty Boxes - Back to College, Head of the Class

Every now and then Target puts together a box of goodies and offers them for $5 each. It's similar to the WalMart box except this doesn't have a set shipping schedule and you can't subscribe. Once they go on sale they are sold on a first come first serve basis and they sell out quick!

This month Target had two boxes offered. This box is called Back to College, Head of the Class. 

I'm not going to break down the good and not so good of this box since it's a one time purchase box. Also Target tells you what items and sizes are included so nothing is a surprise. Basically you know what you're getting when you buy the beauty box.

Back to College, Head of the Class. 

Contents of the Target, Back to College, Head of the Class box. 

3 pack of Goody Ouchless Elastics. Value = $0.39

Bathery Pumice Stone. Value = $1.99

6 pack Hollywood Fashion Tape. Value = $1.48

Covergirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss in Honey Kissed. Value = $5.99

Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara. Value = $4.99

Herbal Essences Wild Natural Illuminating Dry Oil Spray. Value = $5.99

10 pack Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes. Value = $2.99

The total value of this Target box is $23.82. I thought this was a great box. Even if you only use one or two items it's a great deal. I will use everything in this box except the mascara and only because I have a ton of mascara right now. I think I'm going to stash the fashion tape in my travel bag because I've actually had a need for those little things and didn't have any. I can always use a pumice stone. I like to do a little scrubby scrub during the shower while my feet are all wet. 

Verdict: If you see these boxes on sale I would pick one up. They are a great value. 


Friday, July 24, 2015

July OrangeGlad Sweet Box

Orange Glad has been around for awhile but the price always seemed a little high to me so I never signed up. Recently though they had a promo coupon making a 6 month subscription $71.82 which made each box $11.97. I felt that was reasonable so I signed up. This is box 6 of 6. The way Orange Glad works is each month they will send you 5 gourmet sweet treats. The price is $15.00 a month plus $4.00 shipping making it a total of $19.00 a month. 

Price: $19.00 a month w/shipping included. 

If you want to give OrangeGlad a try use code anishaog33549 and get $10 off your first box. 

The good: 

Sweet Tooth: A fun way to try new sweet treats. 

Like what you tried: They have many of the items in their online shop.

Need a gift: Who doesn't like sweet treat mail. 

The not so good:

Price: Even though the price is lower it's still kind of high. HOWEVER you get some fantastic treats! 

July OrangeGlad Box

Contents of the OrangeGlad Box:

McTavish Shortbread Ice Cream Shortbread, Portland, OR. Value = $1.32

Greystone Bakery Brown Sugar Blondie, Yonkers, NY. Value = $3.50 - This was the most delicious blondie ever. Big ol' chocolate chips and sooooo soft!

A Couple of Squares Raspberry Jam Shortbread, London, Ontario, Canada. Value = $1.99

Darling Gourmet Cookies Vagabond Biscotti, San Diego, CA. Value = $4.75

The Art of Caramel Bananas Foster w/Dark Rum Carameled Popcorn, Pasadena, CA. Value = $6.00 - I tried this before looking at the flavor and could immediately taste the banana. Great job replicating the bananas foster flavor. 

The approximate value of this box is $17.56. I am very happy with the price of this box and I'm even more happy with the goodies. We ate everything in the box in one sitting except the biscotti. I'm saving those for Sunday morning coffee. 

Verdict: This is the last box in my subscription but I may consider subscribing. 


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July RawSpiceBar - Memphis Spice Box

Do you love cooking with new foods and spices? Then you have to check out RawSpiceBar. Each month you will receive 3-4 whole spices or spice blends along with a recipe to use them. Each recipe will use the include spice and will make 8-10 servings. The price of this subscription is just $6.00 a month with shipping included. You have to sign up for a minimum 3 month subscription.  

Price: $6.00 a month (minimum 3 month subscription) w/ shipping included. Discounts for 6 and 12 month subscriptions. Ships to US and Canada.

The good:

Love to cook: If you love cooking with new foods and spices this a fun way to do it. 

Know someone who loves to cook: This makes a great gift!

Price: $6 is a great low price. 

Reduce waste: It's such a terrible thing to buy a jar of spice and have it go to waste. This allows you to try the spice without buying a whole jar. 

The not so good:

Skip: I don't see an option to skip or pause your subscription. 

Buy: I really want them to have a shop on their website where you can purchase more spices you like. 

July RawSpiceBar - Memphis Spice Box

The new recipe cards. 

Contents of the RawSpiceBar envelope:

.3 oz. packet Applewood Smoked Salt

.4 oz. packet Memphis Dry Rub

.3 oz. packet Triple Ice Cream Spices

One of the best parts of this subscription is the included recipes. They include ingredients that are easily found at the grocery store. . 

The recipes are:

Triple Spice Ice Cream.
Memphis Dry Ribs.
Bacon Potato Salad w/Smoked Salt.

We are going to a BBQ this weekend so I think I'm going to try the potato salad recipe. Sounded delicious to me.  

Verdict: I think this is a great subscription and I'm really enjoying the new spices.

Everyone Loves A Treasure

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July Allure Beauty Box

The Allure Sample Society beauty box is a monthly service for beauty products that promises 5 fresh deluxe sized samples from luxury brands designed for multiple uses. The cost for this subscription is $15.00 a month with shipping included.

Price: $15.00 a month with no option to skip.

The good:

The samples: You get deluxe sized samples from luxury brands.   

Magazine: You get a free 12 month subscription to Allure magazine.  If you already subscribe they will extend your subscription and if you don't want it you can mail in a form for a refund on the value ($12)

Coupon: They send you a coupon with each box for $15 off a $50 purchase. The catch is your order has to include at least one item from a brand you received that month.  It doesn't have to be the item you received just the same brand.

Referrals: It's a win/win. You get a $5 credit on your account or you can donate that to charity and the person you refer gets a 20% discount on their first purchase at Beauty Bar. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: There is no option to skip a month, only cancel.

July Allure Beauty Box

Contents of box with approximate retail value.

1 oz. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil. Value = $4.50

.5 oz. Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF50. Value = $6.00

.14 oz. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum. Value = $18.31

1.4 oz. Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo. Value = $11.00

Invisibobble Hair Tie. Value = $2.67

.15 Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Mascara Value = $7.81

The total value of this box is $50.29. This box was ok. I wish I used dry shampoo because I have a ton of it right now. I like Bumble and Bumble products but haven't tried the invisible oil. I'm super excited about the travel size setting mist. Now I reapply sunscreen without messing up my makeup. I wonder if I can leave this in my car or will it explode in the boiling temps or northern California. I love the invisibobble thing but I think my hair is too short for it. Sad face. More mascara, oh boy. ha ha 

Verdict: This box was pretty good. I'm happy about the supergoop and bumble and bumble

Monday, July 20, 2015

July GlossyBox

GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends 5 travel size beauty items a month.  You can sign up monthly for $21/month, 6 months for $115 (breaks down to $19.16/month), or yearly for $220 (breaks down to $18.33/month).  Shipping is included in these prices. The price is higher than a lot of the other beauty companies but they include luxury items in their boxes. The company ships their boxes towards the end of the month so you will receive it at the end of the month or the beginning of the following month.

Price: $21 a month with discounts for 6 and 12 month subscriptions. 

This subscription is available in the US (not including Alaska or Hawaii), Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. 

The good:

The brands: They have well known quality brands like OPI, Zoya, Burberry, C.O. Bigelow, Ahava, Sebastian and other brands specific to other countries. 

The sizes: They send deluxe size samples and usually at least one full  size item. 

The box: I know it's just a box but it's a really nice sturdy box. The regular boxes are pink and the special collaboration boxes vary in design in color. It's a perfect box for reusing to store items or for a gift. 

Information. They provide information on the products you receive and how much the full size is priced at.  I like knowing this info up front and not having to search for it. 

Free stuff: If you provide feedback on your products you earn glossydots which will eventually earn you a free box. You can also earn glossydots from referrals. You have to claim your free box before your subscription ends and becomes inactive. This can be tricky because you don't want to receive duplicate boxes.

The not so good:

The price: This can be a little high for some people but if you want to receive known/quality brands it's worth it.

Skip: There is no option to skip a month. 

July GlossyBox

Contents of the GlossyBox with retail price:

.5 oz. Hey Honey, I Peel Good. Value = $29.50

.15 oz. Cargo Cosmetics Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara. Value = $9.13

FULL SIZE Kueshi Anti-cellulite Booster. Value = $22.60

FULL SIZE Face Stockholm Lipliner. Value = $17.00

FULL SIZE Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm. Value = $5.50

The total value of this GlossyBox is $83.73. This box was not a great box for me. It's been my experience that anti-cellulite doesn't work, or it may work temporarily until you stop using the product. I have a ton of mascara and I don't use lip liner. I will definitely use the face peel and probably the lip balm. 

Verdict: This box was not exciting but hopefully I can trade some products. 

Everyone Loves A Treasure

Sunday, July 19, 2015

July Cricut Mystery Box

Cricut is a personal electronic cutting machine used in card making, scrapbooking, and crafting of all types. Cricut started selling mystery boxes which when they contain the cartridges are a terrific value! The cartridges that are needed to use the machine run anywhere from $20-$50 a piece. As you can see, adding to your collection of cartridges can add up quick.

The price of this months Cricut mystery box was $29.99 with free shipping using a code JULYSHIP. The shipping defaults to FedEx but you have to choose standard shipping to get the discount. This is still available so if you want one head on over to Cricut before they are gone.

July Cricut Mystery Box

July Cricut Mystery Cartridges.

Contents of box with prices from the Cricut website listed.
The first price is the regular price and the second price is the sale price listed. 

Judy Squeegee Pro. Value = $13.49/3.37

Cricut Tweezers. Value = $7.99/$4.70

Cricut Holiday Snowflakes Cartridge. Value = $29.99/19.99

Cricut Anna Griffin Seasonal Soirées Cartridge. Value = $29.99/$19.99

Cricut Holly and Ivy Cartridge. Value = $29.99/$19.99

The total value of this box is $111.45 or $68.04 using their current prices. All of these cartridges are new to me so that was awesome. I think I already have some cricut tweezers but I'm not sure. The yudu thing is ok and at first I thought I had no use for it. Them someone mentioned you could use it to help with window clings. If I make a window cling I'll keep than in mind. 

Verdict: If you are into Cricut and don't have a lot of cartridges the mystery boxes with cartridges in them is a great deal. 

Everyone Loves A Treasure