Sunday, May 31, 2015

PopSugar Must Have - Special Edition Summer 2015

PopSugar Must Have Box always has a special edition summer box. Last years box didn't exactly wow me but, of course, that didn't stop me from buying the summer box this year. It's an addiction, I can't help myself. The price of the box was $100 but would contain well over $100 worth of goodies geared towards summer. 
All of the special edition boxes comes in a black box and the items are wrapped in black tissue.

The un-boxing part one. Lots of fun treasures. 

The un-boxing part 2. Paddles?

Un-boxing part 3. Holy cow! What a wonderful bag!

This is the inside of the bag. It's hard to tell but it's big and deep. You can easily fit a couple of beach towels in here with room to spare. 

Contents of the PopSugar Special Edition Summer Box. 

Sunnylife Beach Paddles in Bronte. Value = $26.00 - These look fun but honestly I don't know if I will actually use them. 

Savannah Bee Company Honey for Cheese with dipper. Value = $7.50 - This is one my favorite brands of honey. I might save this for when my figs ripen. 

Fringe Studio Vintage Love Anchors Glass Tray. Value = $16.00 -This is the cutest tray ever. I just love it!

Kendra Scott Ainsley Cuff Bracelet. Value = $120.00 - This is a really, really pretty cuff but it's just not my style. I know I will be able to trade this though. 

Omorovieza Gold Shimmer Oil. Value = $80.00 - This has some serious gold shimmer in it. I can't wait to try it!

Baggu Weekend Bag in Sailor Stripe. Value = $74.00 - Holy moly this bag is big. It truly is a weekend bag and it couldn't be a better summer theme.

The total value of this Summer Special Edition Box is $323.50. I personally thought this box was great even though the high priced item wasn't my style. I know I will be able to trade or maybe even sell it for something else. The other item I'm not sure about is the paddles. They look fun but I just don't know that we will use them and we don't have kids to use them either. (The teenager graduated this week so she's like an adult now and stuff). Even so the other stuff if great. That weekend bag is awesome though. It's super durable and huge! I can't wait to try the gold shimmer oil, it looks super fun. And I adore the glass tray. I love the look, the saying all of it!

Verdict: This summer box was fantastic! 

Everyone Loves A Treasure

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