Friday, April 3, 2015

Quarterly Co. Fathom box #TRV01

Quarterly Co. is a slightly different kind of subscription box company.  It's not a monthly box but it's quarterly.  The way it works is you pick a "contributor" you would like to receive a curated gift from anywhere from $50-$100 and every 3 months you will receive your item in the mail from them.  With each shipment you receive the story behind why the items were chosen. This box is from Fathom which is a travel website. I love traveling and am currently in the process of learning to be a travel agent. I made my first booking last week and am excited to learn more about the business. 

Price $100 every 3 months.  

This is available in the US only.  

The good:

Variety: There are lots of different curators to choose from.

Something different: This is definitely different from other subscription companies

Commitment issues? Don't want to make a monthly commitment but still want a treasure?  You can get a quarterly treasure. 

Information: There is a little write up on each item and why it was picked. 

The not so good:

Don't like waiting: If you don't like waiting this may be torture for you. 

This introduction letter is included in every Quarterly Co. box. It talks about the items and why they were picked. 

The Fathom #TRV01 box. 

Contents of box with approximate retail price:

Baggu's 3D Zip Pouch. Value = $8.00 **Not pictured because it was missing from my box but I emailed them and they are sending me one. 

Travel size Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm. Value = $12.00

Travel size Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash. Value = $10.00

(3) Ursa Major Essential Face Wipe. Value = $1.20/ea.

Dubs Acoustic Filters. Value = $25.00

4-in-1 Travel Adapter. Value = $25.00

This is Ground Cord Taco. Value = $5.80

Polaris Solar Playing Cards. Value = $11.95/ on sale for $5.00

Artifact Uprising Instagram Photo Book gift card. Value = $25.00

Fathom Postcards. Value = $1.00

Fathom's Games for the Road. Value = $0

The approximate value of this box is $120.40. I am super excited about the dubs. I wear earplugs everyday when I sleep but I buy the heavy duty can't hear anything ones. I've also worn them on planes but I think I would prefer ones that let some sound in. I tried them on and they are really comfortable and definitely not as sound proof as my regular ear plugs but still mute some noise. I think I will try and trade for a couple more pairs. I recently went on a road trip with my bestie and we wanted to play cards by the pool. Could you believe we couldn't find playing cards anywhere. So guess where these are going? Yep right into my travel bag. The adapter came at a good time (before my trip to Denmark/Norway) and I like how it's color coded. At first I thought the cord taco was kind of useless to me but then I got to thinking about my cord pack. I have a small makeup bag where I keep every cord we could possibly need on vacation. It's nice because I can just throw the whole bag in my luggage. Some of the cords get tangle with each other so I think I'm going to cord taco them. 

Verdict: I'm happy with this box and it's a keeper for me. 

Everyone Loves A Treasure

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