Thursday, April 9, 2015

April OrangeGlad Sweet Box

OrangeGlad has been around for awhile but the price always seemed a little high to me so I never signed up. Recently though they had a promo coupon making a 6 month subscription $71.82 which made each box $11.97. I felt that was reasonable so I signed up. The way the box works is each month they will send you 5 gourmet sweet treats. The price is $21.95 a month w/shipping included or they also have a double treats box for $33.95 including shipping. This review is for the regular size box. 

Price: $21.95 or $33.95 a month w/shipping included. Discounts for 3 and 6 month plans. Shipped in the US only. 

If you want to give OrangeGlad a try use code anishaog33549 and get $10 off your first box. 

The good: 

Sweet Tooth: A fun way to try new sweet treats. 

Like what you tried: They have many of the items in their online shop.

Need a gift: Who doesn't like sweet treat mail. 

The not so good:

Price: The price is quite high for what it is. 

April OrangeGlad Sweet Box

Contents of the OrangeGlad Box:

5 piece Quin Dreams Come Chew5 piece. Value = $2.75

2 oz. Toffee Talk Almond. Value = $6.00

1.8 oz. Zesty Cookie Co. Hot Cocoa cookies. Value = $2.10

Fairytale Brownies Original Brownie. Value = $4.99

A Couple of Squares Chocolate Chip Biscuits. Value = $??

The rough estimate of this box is $15.84 plus the price of the chocolate chip biscuits. These are from Canada and appear to only be available via wholesale and stores in Canada. This is the first time we got a box and didn't devour everything in one sitting. We happened to have just eaten dinner and were full so we didn't touch the box of goodies but tomorrow is a whole other day...

Verdict: The goodies are delicious but I'm not impressed with the value.


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