Monday, April 13, 2015

April Beauty Box 5

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service for beauty products including makeup, skin care, fragrances, nail care, body care, beauty tool and just about anything else beauty related.  Each month you receive 4-5 samples of beauty related items.  They have three ways to subscribe.  You can pay monthly for $12 a month, or quarterly $30 which brings the price down to $10 a month or yearly for $100 which brings the price down to $8.33 a month.  Shipping is included in all these prices.

Price: $12 a month with no option to skip. Discounts for 3 and 12 month plans. 

This subscription ships the the US and Canada from Austin, Texas. 

The good:

The brands. Well known brands including some eco-friendly ones.

The pricing structure.  I like the options they have, monthly, quarterly and yearly.  Even the quarterly gives you a little bit of a discount.

Information: They have started including an information cards on the products in the boxes which I love

The not so good:

Skip a month. Currently there is no option for this.  If you want to skip you have to cancel.

April Beauty Box 5 (sorry for the dark picture)

Contents of box with approximate retail value.  

FULL SIZE Lasting Smiles Passionfruit Mango Organic Lip Balm Value = $4.99

2 oz. Dancin' Goat Hula Bliss Body Lotion. Value = $4.50

Incoco Nail Polish Applique Set. Value = $8.99

FULL SIZE Style Essentials TwinGloss. Value = $2.50

(3) .06 oz. First Aid Beauty Facial Cleaner packets. Value = $0.25/ea.

The total approximate value of this month's box is $21.73. This box had lots of useful items in it. I've been gathering foil packets and travel size items for our big trip this summer. We will be gone 3 weeks so I would like to take small containers that can be tossed when empty. I'm going to put these face cleaners in my travel bag. I also think I'm going to bring the nail set. These things are so convenient because you don't have to wait for them to dry and there is no nail polish odor. I also like the ones that are real nail polish because they last much longer, at least for me they do. The twingloss looks interesting. It says it's a mix of two complementary colors. I don't see much of a color though. The goat lotion is kind of minty smelling, not what I expected. 

Verdict: This was a hit for me. I'm digin' the lotion, polish decals and face cleaner. 

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