Monday, February 16, 2015

Natural Goal Probiotic Ultra Blend - FULL SIZE Bottle for $1.00 through Amazon

Recently the folks at Natural Goal contacted me and offered a free bottle of one of their supplements. They had three to choose from but since I've been looking for a good probiotic I opted for their probiotic supplement. I've tried probiotics before and I'm sure they had a positive effect on me but I couldn't "see" it. I started doing a little research and it turns out there are so many different probiotics or good bacteria and finding the right one for you can be a long process. 

I received the  Natural Goal Probiotic and took one pill a day on an empty stomach as instructed. After a couple of days I noticed the bloating was gone and my digestive system was working like a well oiled machine! I didn't immediately attribute this to the supplements though. I stopped taking the probiotic for a few days and noticed I was a little bloated and my digestive system was not an efficient as the week prior. Could there be something to this? I started taking the probiotics again and I was back on track after a couple of days. I'm by no means a doctor or an expert on the probiotic subject but this brand and formula work for me. Maybe it could work for you too. 

Since I've had positive results with this product I feel good about sponsoring this special. If you want to try the Natural Goal Probiotic Ultra Blend you can can so for only $1.00** through Amazon. There is no catch. You won't be signed up for any type of auto shipments or anything like that. The regular price is $17.97 so this in an incredible deal. When you click on the link below there will be a button that says "get my coupon deal" you have to click on that and enter your email address and the coupon code will be sent to your email. I've purchased deals like this through Amazon before and had no issues.

**If you have Amazon Prime the shipping is free making the total $1.00. If you don't have Amazon Prime shipping is about $5.00 making the total about $6.00**

*EXCLUSIVE* Natural Goal Probiotic Ultra Blend - 50 Bottle Giveaway $1 (Reg. $17.97)

  1. Click here, enter your email - the code will show on the screen
  2. Click here, add to cart.
  3. Use the coupon code you got at checkout and it will make it $1 (if when you enter the code it says invalid, that means the deal is over)
  4. Free Shipping with Amazon Prime. If you don't have Amazon prime shipping will be around $5
  5. Choose slower shipping at checkout with Amazon prime and you will get a $1 Video credit as well.

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