Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Taste Guru Box

Do you live a gluten free lifestyle? Or maybe you know someone who is gluten free? Taste Guru is a whole box of food that is gluten free. Each month Taste Guru sends out a box of gluten free foods that have been tested and reviewed by those who live a gluten free life. The box is shipped monthly and the prices ranges from $20 to $24 a month depending on which plan you sign up for. All plans include shipping.

Last month was my final box of my paid subscription but I got a surprise email from the folks at Taste Guru saying then sent me a complimentary box for February. I thought that was super awesome.  

Price: $24 a month with discounts for 3, 6 and 12 month plans. 

This box ships to the USA only from Denver, Colorado. 

The good:

Gluten free made easy: This is a great way to try a whole bunch of gluten free foods.

Need a gift: I think this would make a great gift for the gluten free person in your life.

The not so good:

I'm was having issues with my subscription but I'm hoping that's not typical with everyone else.

February Taste Guru Box

Contents of Taste Guru Box with approximate retail value:

Better Batter Fudge Brownie Mix. Value = $5.99

Tea's Tea Green Tea. Value = $1.35

Level Life Protein Snack Bar. Value = $1.75

.7 oz. Dang Coconut Chips. Value = $1.47

Mamma Chia Squeeze Blackberry BlissValue = $1.75

(2) 1 oz. Yum Earth Natural Sour Beans. Value = $0.75/ea.

1 oz. Ass Kickin Honey Roasted Peanut. Value = $0.79

1 oz. IPS Egg White Chips. Value = $1.75

Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread. Value = $0.44

Swoofle Traditional Dutch Treat. Value = $1.81

The total value of this box is $18.60. This box is a little lower than previous months but it also didn't include a magazine this month. Most of these products I'm familiar with. The boyfriend opened the box and was disappointed to see a brownie mix and not actual brownies. I don't think he even noticed it's gluten and allergen free. In his mind that means they won't be as good as regular brownies. I think I will make them this weekend and see what he says. I was super sad there was only one swoofle in the box because we both loves those things. Honestly I was trying to hide it from him but he found it. I've tried the chia squeeze before and while I wasn't a huge fan it wasn't too bad. Super stoked about the Dang coconut chips. I love those things and eat them right out of the bag. 

Verdict: I like this box and most of the time the value is close to the price paid. I may reconsider signing up. 

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