Sunday, January 25, 2015

January Conscious Box - Classic Box

Conscious box offers 3 types of boxes. The classic, vegan and gluten free.  Each box contains a wide variety of items from food to beauty products to household goodies.  The price is $19.95 a month with shipping included. They also have a 3, 6 and 12 months plans. The 12 month plan is the only one that offers a discount.

Price: $19.95 a month. The 12 month pre-paid plan offers a discount. 

This box is only available to ship to the US including Alaska and Hawaii and ships from Portland, 


The good:

Variety: You get a wide variety of items and the box was packed!

Vegan: If your vegan the vegan box is great for you.

Gluten free: If you live a gluten free life the gluten free box would be great for you.

Information: They now include an information card with product details on it.

Points: You can earn points for rating products. The points earn you discounts should you want to purchase something you like.

The not so good:

The price: It's on the high side for subscription boxes but I would consider this a specialty box for sure.

Sample size: Some of the sample sizes are really small and not enough to really evaluate the product. 

January Conscious Box

Contents of Conscious Box

Amazing Grass Chocolate Chip Coconut Whole Food Energy Bar. Value = $4.00

5ml Carolla's Beeswax Skin Créme. Value = $1.67

10g Sant Superfruit Beverage. Value = $1.20

1 oz. Ips All Natural Sea Salt & Black Pepper Egg White Chips. Value = $1.75

(2) .1 oz. Natralia Dry Skin Lotion. Value = $0.12/ea.

(2) Kleenmaid Naturezway Bamboo Perforated Towel. Value = $0.18/ea.

.24 oz. Barklogic Tick & Flea Pet Wash. Value = $0.37

6 oz. bag Saffron Road Korean BBQ Crunchy Chickpeas. Value = $5.19

2 tsp. Spice Hunter Organic Oregano. Value = $??

.75 oz. Vaska Perfect Laundry Detergent in Lavender. Value = $0.32

The total approximate value of this months box is $15.10. I was happy to see the chickpeas because I just opened I bag I got from another box and dang if those things aren't delicious! I like the idea of the bamboo towels but I'm afraid they will accidentally get tossed by people thinking they are regular disposable towels. I received the bees wax creme in this box a month or so ago and they are right, a little goes a long way. It works really well though so it's a keeper. My Maddie girl just happens to be in need of a bath so I will give this pet wash a try this week. I am very interested trying the Sant superfruit beverage. It looks like dried fruit pieces that get re-hydrated in water. This package says it will make 10 drinks. 

Verdict: I'm not thrilled with the value but the products are useful. 

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  1. Hi! I'm Trevor, I serve as Head of Product for Conscious Box, and I'm responsible for the team that gets product from brands looking to reach more conscious consumers, as well as choosing which products go in each box variation. So, thank you for taking the time to write this review! This type of feedback is extremely helpful, and helps us get better and larger products from the brands that we work with.

    I appreciate the value breakdown. We do our best to fill boxes with the highest-value products possible while trying to minimize costs. With that said, we know there are savings beyond the value of each product here! For example, if you paid $2 shipping to get each one of these samples sent from the manufacturers, those products would have run you $20 anyway.

    Not to mention, we do a lot of research to ensure that every product is non-GMO and free of harmful ingredients, build useful content around interesting brands, and negotiate special deals on behalf of our customers. It's hard to put a price on someone else's time saved, but we know it has to be worth something!

    So, I'm interested to hear your feedback on how we can do a better job conveying the value of Conscious Box as a personal shopper and consumer advocate, instead of just the aggregated prices of items in the box. We're a young company, 11 people working hard so that ethical businesses have a better chance to thrive, and we're constantly learning, so your input would be really welcome. Thank you!!!

    -Trevor Bisset, Conscious Box

  2. I think a balance needs to be reached between making a profit and giving the consumer a deal. Me personally, I wouldn't pay $2 shipping for a sample size of something. I would just find another way to try it or not try it at all. That's where subscription boxes come in. They are a great way to be introduced to and try products without having to buy full size. The issue with that is making sure it's enough product to fairly evaluate if you like it or not. For instance the pet shampoo. I used this on my 20lb. dog but it wasn't enough so I ended up using my regular pet shampoo with it. I have no idea if I like it or not because I really didn't get enough to use. For something like that I would send 2-3 packets which helps the consumer and bumps up the overall value of the box. Just my 2 cents.