Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Blue Apron Box

Blue Apron is a weekly delivery service of fresh ingredients to make meals. I've tried it a couple of times and done price breakdowns to see if it's worth the money or should I just go to the store and buy the stuff myself. What I figured out is you're not getting an incredible deal as far as getting more value than you paid but you are getting convenience and it doesn't cost much more than if you went and bought all the stuff yourself.

Blue Apron (named after the blue aprons apprentice chefs in France used to wear) sends fresh ingredients to make 3 meals that will serve 2-6 people each week. This is how is works. Once you sign up you can choose to receive meat and fish or vegetarian dishes and you choose how many servings (2,4 or 6) you want for each dish. You will receive 3 meals per week with enough ingredients for the servings you request. The prices vary depending on what you order. For 2 people it's $59.94, 4 people is $119.88 and 6 people is $179.82 per week with shipping included. This works out to $9.99 per meal per person. It's less than going to a restaurant but may more than going to the grocery store and getting the ingredients yourself. They send out the menus weekly and you can also log on to your account and skip deliveries 6-8 weeks in advance. I went into my account and skipped all the weeks because I would rather skip and miss something than forget to skip and get something I don't want. I can't justify getting this every week so I look at our calendar to see what kind of week is coming up and if the menu looks good and it's a busy week I will unskip the week. If it's not a busy week, the menu isn't my thing or we are going to be out of town I leave it as skipped.

Price: $60.00-$180 a week depending on size of box. Option to skip weeks. 

The good:

Busy: This is great for busy people. The ingredients are fresh, on hand and the meals take on average 35 min to prepare.

Don't cook?: The included recipe cards are not only beautiful they have very easy to follow instructions complete with pictures.

Counting Calories: The calorie info is included and each meal is 500-700 per serving.

Ingredients: fresh ingredients from artisan purveyors with an emphasis on sustainable practices

Need a specific delivery day: You can choose between Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and even Saturday delivery. Also the food is well packed on ice packs in an insulated box.

The not so good:

Price: It's a bit pricey but you're paying for convenience.

Organic, free range, grass fed: I couldn't find anywhere where these types of items were used. I also went to the Tradesman Premium Cuts website and it looks like it's specific for Blue Apron but doesn't have a whole lot of info about it. I usually buy grass fed, free range meats because I think it taste better and I feel better about eating it.

Banana Leaf Steamed Cod with Spiced Rice, Yu Choy & Coconut ingredients.

Banana Leaf Steamed Cod with Spiced Rice, Yu Choy & Coconut.

Korean-Style Tteok with Spicy Pork "Ragu" & Gai Lam

Banana Leaf Steamed Cod - This was just ok. The spice was a little too spicy for me. Yu Choy was new to me though and I enjoyed it. 

Korean-Style Ttoek - This dish is the reason I ordered the box this week and it did not disappoint! I loved this dish, the boyfriend loved it and we will totally be making this again. It was savory, delicious and so easy to make. 

Chicken Charlemagne - I was going to make this last night but long story short I didn't. The nice part about it is that I can freeze the chicken and the other ingredients should keep a few more days. Below is what the dish looks like. 

I'm not going to do a complete price breakdown like I did on my first review. If you want to read it click here. For me, I feel like there is value in these meals and they are working out great for those busy weeks. I logged into my account and skipped all weeks. When Blue Apron sends out the email with the menu information I can simply go back into my account and unskip. This works for me and I'm less likely to get a shipment I didn't want.

***Blue Apron has sent me invitations to share with 3 people. If you're interested in trying it Blue Apron will send you 1 weeks worth of meals which consists of 3 meals with 2 servings each. When you accept the invitation you will have to provide a credit card and will be signed up for their service. You can keep the service as is or go into your account like I do and skip the meals ahead of time, or cancel completely. If you are interested in trying it send me an email at I will update this post when the meals are claimed.***

**ALL INVITED CLAIMED!!** Bon Appétite

Verdict: I'm enjoying the food and flexibility of this subscription.

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I thought this was interesting. It was a sticker on the side of the box listing the ingredients and where they came from.


  1. I like how their pricing is a cheaper than plated and hello fresh and includes shipping but sometimes I feel like there isn't enough food. I once made two entrees in one day for dinner cause the 2 chicken legs and 5 spoonful of rice wasn't enough. But you are right, it is cheaper than going to a restaurant and more efficient than spending money on a recipe that you won't really use the ingredients.

    1. I find the fish dishes aren't substantial but the pork ragu from this box made a huge bowl. I think it depends on what the protein and total dish consists of. I still haven't made the chicken dish from this box yet (I froze the chicken) but I'm wondering how the portion size is going to be.