Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hello Fresh - Weekly Meal Delivery

I'm sure some of you have received some type of advertising for Hello Fresh in one of your sub boxes lately. It seems like they are everywhere! I decided to use one of the discount codes and give Hello Fresh a try. So if you haven't tried Hello Fresh yourself here is what you can expect.

Hello Fresh is a weekly meal delivery. They create the recipe, purchase the ingredients, pack it up and send it to you. You can choose between the classic box which has meat options of the veggie box if you are meat free. Each week you will get 3 meals for either 2 or 4 people. The classic box for 2 people is $69.00, 4 people is $129.00. The veggie box for 2 people is $59.00, 4 people $109.00. All prices include shipping. Each week you will get an email with that weeks selections. There are about 5 options to choose from with 3 of them being the chef's choice. If you don't choose your items then you will be sent the chef's choice. There is also an option to skip that week and you can skip up to 10 weeks ahead. I always opt to skip as far ahead as I can because I would rather miss out then get a box I wasn't prepared to get.

Price: $59.00-$129.00 per week depending on plan with option to skip. Check Hello Fresh for delivery areas. 

The Good:

Not into cooking? This makes it easy. All the ingredients are in the box for you as well as easy to follow directions. They do assume you have salt, pepper, olive oil and butter but other than those thing everything is included.  

Busy? This is great for those busy weeks where you just don't have time to shop, prepare and cook. 

Counting Calories? Each recipe has nutritional information. 

Recipes: They work on recipe development with Michelin star restaurant Aquavit in New York as well as a team of in house chefs who have graduated from culinary school and worked at such places as Momofuku and Eleven Madison Park. 

The Not So Good:

Price: It's a little on the spendy side but it's darn convenient. 

The shipping box is a large box with insulation and ice packs. The cold food is on the bottom covered in ice packs. 

The ingredients for each meal are prepackaged in a plastic bag except for the meat and fish items. 

This is the front of the recipe card. 

This is the back of the recipe card. 

This is the Cod 'en Papillote' with brown rice pilaf. It was pretty beige but tasted good. 

My second recipe is Turkey Polpetti Soup. 

I decided to take these to work so I packaged them up in to go containers. By the time I ate it the orzo had soaked up the liquid but I think I liked it better than way. 

The third recipe is Coffee-Rubbed Steak Tacos with Black Beans.

I thought this was really good and I would totally make it again. 

The recipes I received were all Chef's choice. They send an email telling you when it's time to pick but I guess I missed the window because this was chosen for me. I wasn't disappointed with it. I wanted to see what the cost would be if I had to buy all of these ingredients. I priced everything at using prices effective as of Jan 8th. If the recipe only called for 1 Tbs. of something I added the price of a whole bottle because in most stores you can't buy say a Tablespoon of olive oil. If I had something leftover such as olive oil I didn't re-purchase that item.  

Cod 'en Papillote' - Cost for ingredients. $31.01

Turkey Polpetti Soup - $18.08

Coffee-Rubbed Steak Tacos - $36.93

Total grocery store cost: $86.02

Hello Fresh cost: $69.00

Difference: $17.02 

I would say this is a great value. You would pay more at the grocery store but the benefit is you would have leftover items such as olive oil, tortillas, spices, rice, garlic, etc. If you cook then those items won't be wasted because you will use them eventually. If you aren't the cooking type or just want easy dinners then this is more cost efficient than making a trip to the grocery store. I won't be getting this every week but I'll do like I do with Blue Apron and check out the menus and what our work week looks like and see if it's something that would benefit us that week. 

If you are thinking about giving Hello Fresh a try and don't already have a discount code use my referral code BQ3TA4 and you will get $40.00 off your first box (any size). This would make a classic box for 2 people $29.00 or about $10 for each meal. Can't beat that!

Verdict: I won't use it every week but I'll definitely stay a customer. 

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