Tuesday, December 9, 2014

PopSugar Must Have - Special Edition Holiday For Him Box

This is the PopSugar Must Have Box Special Edition Holiday For Him Box. This box, like the other limited edition boxes was $100.00 plus tax where applicable. I have never purchased the men's box before so I thought I would give it a try. I was hoping to get some gifts for the boyfriend and his two brothers out of it. 

2014 Holiday for Him box. 

Contents of PopSugar Holiday for Him Box:

Wheelmen & Co. Jefferson Desk Tray, popsugar exclusive Value = $75.00

Dakota Grizzly Chunky Charcoal Beanie. Value = $45.00 

Würkin Stiffs Power Stays. Value = $40.00

Richer Poorer The Long Weekend Gift Park. Value = $32.00

Urbanears Bagis Cobalt Headphones. Value = $34.90

Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream & Fantastic Face Wash. Value = $22.00

TCHO Chocolate "Mokaccino" Seriousmilk + Blue Bottle Coffee Bar. Value = $5.95

The total value of this limited edition resort box is $254.85. This box is definately a good value but there are only two items I'm definitely going to use. I've been looking at catchalls for awhile now and they are always so expensive so I was actually pretty happy with this. It will make a good gift for the boyfriend. The collar stays are really nice but he doesn't wear a suit unless we are going out for a nice dinner and I've never seen him use them. I'm debating on keeping the hat. We have a trip planned to Norway next year and I'm sure someone could use a hat. I have so many sets of earphones from these boxes I don't know what to do with them all. I use them at the gym but I'm actually looking to get a bluetooth pair. I will probably gift the shave cream & face wash. The boyfriend uses and electric razor and doesn't have a need for it. I'm hoping one of his brothers does. Now the TCHO chocolate, that is all mine!

Verdict: There are some fun items in here they just don't happen to be items the boyfriend would use (except the catchall). Great value though and you could get 6 gifts out of it for $100.00.

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