Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October SwaagBox

Let's talk about a new subscription box to hit the sub box list. Swaag Box sends a box of brand name tampons or pads along with makeup, jewelry and an extra goody to help you through that time of the month. You choose from 25 listed varieties of tampons or pads then choose your skin type and fashion type. The price of the box is $16 a month billed mostly with a discount offered for 6 months pre-paid subscription. You can also sign up to receive a one time box for $24 but the monthly can be canceled anytime so I would say sign up for the monthly box and if you don't like it cancel. They also have an option to a 4 pack of Gillette Venus razors for an additional $12 and an option to double your makeup and jewelry for an extra $6 a month. This month they also donated a portion of the proceeds to the Susan G Komen foundation.

I paid $5 for this box as an intro special and added the double your makeup & jewelry for $6.

Price: $16 a month with discounts offered for 6 month subscription. 

The Good:

Convenient: What's worse than your monthly visitor arriving and not being prepared. This makes that easy.

Brand names: They don't send generic products and they have 3 different name brand tampons/pads with many varieties to choose from.

Referrals: The offer a generous referral program. When 3 people sign up you get a free box!

Skip a month: Sort of. You can contact them and put your subscription on pause.

The Not So Good:

Drugstore brands: Some people aren't a fan of drugstore brand makeup. If you don't like drugstore brands then this box isn't for you.

Limited Makeup Brands: Right now they only have Maybelline, Revlon, L'Oreal & Hard Candy listed as brands they carry. I would like to see this expand as they grow.

Card included in the Swaag Box.

This is the basic box without any add ons

It's hard to see but the colors of the eyeliner are a black sparkle, dark blue and basic black. 

This is the products from the add ons which is an extra $6. 

Contents of Swaag Box

14 pack Always Overnight Ultra Thin. Value = $3.99

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet. Value = $19.99 - I think this is from NicNic. It looks like the same bracelet that was in the Boodle Box a few months ago.

Maybelline Color Show Audacious Asphalt. Value = $2.97

Maybelline Color Show Chiffon Chic. Value = $2.97

Hard Candy Single and Loving It eyeshadow in Unattached. Value = $2.70

Hard Candy eyeliner in Sailor. Value = $2.33

Hard Candy eyeliner in Submarine. Value = $4.00

Hard Candy eyeliner in Soy. Value = $3.00

Pack of 6 Oreo Cookies. Value = $1.50

Double Your Makeup and Jewelry Items:

Breast Cancer Awareness Stainless Steele Bangle. Value = $19.00

Hard Candy Split Personality eyeshadow in Therapy Green/Therapy Aqua. Value = $7.00

Revlon Diamond Lust Starry Pink. Value = $5.49

The total value of this box with the extra makeup/jewelry add-on is $74.94. The included card has values listed but they don't break it down by each item so it was a little confusing. I had to guess which Hard Candy makeup items were the extras so it could be off just slightly. I thought the inclusion of the Oreo cookies was quite clever. I read a study once that said feeling extra hungry during that time of the month is actually a real thing because we burn extra calories. The downside is we only burn an extra 100-200 calories which is way less than the pack of cookies or big cheeseburger contains. So yes we burn extra calories but only enough to burn off an apple or two. I actually love the eyeshadow and eyeliner colors I received. They are colors I wear quite frequently. The nail polish is ok, not colors I wear frequently but usable and I think they would go together quite well, maybe a chevron type design. The bracelets are really cute and totally appropriate for October, although I think the retail price is a little high.

Verdict: I think this box is very useful if it has brands you enjoy using. For me personally I would like it every other month as opposed to monthly.


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