Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Skosh Box

Skoshbox is a food subscription box for Japanese snacks. Their slogan is "A taste of Japan at your doorstep". Skoshbox contains handpicked candies, snacks and accessories straight from Japan for $12 a month with shipping included.

Price: $12 a month w/no option to skip. 

This box is available in the US only and ships from Hawaii

The Good:

Like Asian snacks? This is a super fun snack box and all the products are sourced directly from Japan.

Price: Most of us don't have immediate access to these types of snack so I think $12 is a bargain.

Need a unique gift: The offer a 6 month gift subscription for $72.

Want more: They now have an online shop where some of the items in the box are available for sale. 

The Not So Good:

Skip: There is no option to skip only cancel.

October SkoshBox

This is the included card with all the product info.

Contents of the Skoshbox:

Happy Turn Senbei, sweet senbei sticks.

Pikachu Grape Gum.

Black Thunder Bar, crispy rice puff chocolate.

Summer Kinako Choco w/brown sugar jelly filling. 

Lychee Gummy, juicy lychee flavored gummies.

Brown Sugar & Milk Senbei, tastes like caramel popcorn. 

Awa Soda Tab Candy.

Chibimaruko Marshamallo, strawberry jelly filling.

Pokemon Monsterball Candy

I didn't do a cost analysis on this because the items are just to difficult to locate. I'm sure it doesn't add up to $12 but if you like these types of items and can't find them in your area then it's a great deal. We always have fun going through the box and trying everything. I like that they include this card with pictures so we can see what we are eating, although the guessing game was always fun.

Verdict: Great box if you are into Asian snacks and candies. 

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