Monday, October 20, 2014

October Nibblr Box

Nibblr is a snack box company very similar to Graze box. They send portion control snacks all wrapped up in a little sealed box. Each shipment contains four snack boxes. You can choose to receive a shipment every week, every other week or once a month. You don't get to choose which snacks you receive but they have rating system on their website for the snacks they send. Your ratings will determine snacks in future shipments. They have 59 different boxes so they is surely something for everyone. The price per shipment is $5.99 which includes shipping. You can choose to pay for four boxes at at time for $23 ($5.75/shipment) or twelve boxes for $66 ($5.50/shipment). I had found a deal through Gilt City to get twelve shipments for $40 which makes it under a $1 per snack pack. That sounded like a great deal to me. I opted to have my boxes shipped once a month.

The good:

Snacker? If you're a snacker like me this is a perfect little box. Portion controlled and portable.

Nutritional info: Printed on the back of the container which I love.

Customize shipments: You can choose how often you want a box. Choose wisely though I couldn't see a way online to change it back. Also you get to rate the items and say love it, like it, interested or no thanks.

Referral: Use my referral code 4051 when signing up and you will get a free box.

The not so good:

Price: Depending on how you pay the price ranges from $1.37-$1.50 a box.

Skip: I couldn't find any sort of skip or vacation hold option.

The Nibblr box comes like this. 

Inside the Nibblr Box

Contents of box:

Harvest Blend, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin seeds, and pecans snack mix. - yummy mix!

Wasabelove, corn nuts and wasabi peas snack mix.

Stuck on Flax, flax sea salt pretzel pearls. 

Copa Cabana Rama, banana chips, diced mango, pineapple rings, and macadamia nuts snack mix.

Pumpkin cookies! yay. You know it's fall when the pumpkins come out. Wasabi items are so funny for us. They burn like heck but we just can't stop eating them. 

Verdict: I like these boxes for the convenience and portability. 

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