Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Oishii Box

OishiiBox is the newest box of Asian snack to enter the subscription market. OishiiBox is everything kawaii (means cute in Japanese) from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and beyond. The price of the box is $12 per box with shipping included. Right now they don't have recurring subscriptions which means you have to purchase each box separately. A portion of the $12 will be donated to UNICEF, this means you're getting awesome snacks and supporting a great cause.

Price: $12 a month w/shipping included. This is NOT a recurring subscription. 

This box is only available in the US and ships from Poway, California. 

The Good:

Like Asian snacks: I love trying snacks from other parts of the world.

Price: Some of this stuff you can find online but shipping adds up. This is only $12.99!

Allergies? They send a product list with ingredients in each box.

The Not So Good:

Needs this every month? Currently this isn't offered as a recurring subscription. I imagine that will change as when they get going.

September Oishii Box

Contents of OishiiBox:

Hello Panda

Milkita Assorted Milk Lollipop Candy


Kasugai Flower's Kiss Candy

Unican Milkita Milk Candy

Pretz Roast

Gummy Candy

Sonomama Cola Fusen Gum


I'm not going to try and figure out the value of each item. I would guess it would not add up to $12 however you would have to find these items first and you probably wouldn't find them for sale individually. If this kind of box is your thing then I say it's worth the $12.

Verdict: I'm totally into this box and will probably add it to the list.

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