Thursday, September 4, 2014

August Cricut Mystery Box

You guys know I love a mystery box and not just beauty boxes. Several months ago I discovered cricut also sells mystery boxes and this month it contained cartridges. Cricut is a personal electronic cutting machine used in card making, scrapbooking, and crafting of all types. I have a cricut and I don't use it enough but when I do use it I also think to myself "This thing is amazing, I need to use it more often." The cartridges that are needed to use the machine run anywhere from $30-$60 a piece. As you can see, adding to your collection of cartridges can add up quick.

The description said: The August Mystery Box is all about sweet treats. The contents are a mystery, but the box includes some tasty seasonal cartridges and tools to make goodies this coming holiday season. This month's mystery box is over a $120 value.

The price of this months cricut mystery box was $29.99 plus shipping. Normally shipping is $7.95 but they had a deal that if you spent $50 shipping was free. I ordered two mystery boxes because I knew it would be a good one and my friend would also want one once she saw it.

August Cricut Mystery Box

Contents of box: 

cricut lite Cupcake Wrappers Cartridge. Value = $19.99

cricut lite Fast Food Cartridge. Value = $19.99

cricut lite Sweet Shop Cartridge. Value = $19.99

2 pack 12x12 cutting mats. Value = $11.99

narrow cricut cake spatula. Value = $3.59

wide cricut cake spatula. Value = $4.79

cricut cake Water Brush. Value = $4.49

The total value of this box is $84.83 based on the prices listed on the cricut website. If you use the items regular retail price the value is $153.43, however all of the items in the box are on sale or clearance so I think it's unfair of them to say the value of the box is over $120. If I were to buy all of these items directly from them it would not cost me more than $84.83. I still think it's a great deal even with the misleading value info. I only paid $32.25 for this box (with taxes) which is less than the price of two cartridges. I actually already have the sweet shop cartridge but I don't have the other two and the cupcake wrappers one looks like it's going to be super fun. The spatula were sold to be used with the cricut cake machine that was used to make edible cake decorations but it really didn't take off. You can buy a cricut cake machine relatively cheap and all the accessories are on clearance. I don't plan on using the spatulas with my cricut but I do plan on using them in the kitchen. The water brush is also a cricut cake item. From what I can tell you use it to paint sugar on cupcakes and cake. I'm guessing painting on fondant?

Verdict: If you are into Cricut and don't have a lot of cartridges the mystery boxes with cartridges in them is a great deal. 

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