Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer FabFitFun Box

FabFitFun box is curated by Giuliana Rancic a co-host of E! News. This box is not a monthly subscription but quarterly meaning 4 times a year. Each season you will receive hand-picked, high-end and exclusive gifts including beauty, fashion and fitness products. The items are full sized and premium with a value of $120+. The cost of this box is $49.99 billed every 4 months.

***Use this code 4155003 to get $15 off this summer box, while supplies last. This code is only good for 3 uses so if the code doesn't work it's been all used up. 

This subscription in available in the US only and ships from Los Angeles, Ca. 

The good:

The Products: You will receive mostly full size and premium products in each box and not just beauty items.

The Brands: They send well known premium brands

Quarterly: This is nice because monthly boxes can cause overload.

Info: They send a nice color information sheet that has all the product info and prices on it.

The not so good:

Price: The price is a sticker shock, but it's only 4 times a year as opposed to monthly.

Spring FabFitFun box. 

Contents of the FabFitFun box with approximate retail price/value:

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial. Value = $95.00

Pur-lisse our-protect SPF30. Value = $55.00

Thursday Friday Away Mini Clutch/Makeup Bag. Value = $35.00

Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil. Value = $25.00

FabFitFun Water Infused BPA-free water bottle. Value = $15.00

Zoya Nail Polish in Maya. Value = $9.00

KISSTIXX Lip Balm. Value = $5.99

POPchips in sea salt & vinegar. Value = $1.29

Skintimate Shave Gel. Value = $1.99

Always Xtra Protection Long Daily liners. Value = $1.50

Slimfast Have Your Cake...meal bar. Value = $1.00

The total value of the first FabFitFun box is $245.77. This box has a combination of useful and fun items. I received a sample of the Sonya Dakar product in another box and although I wasn't wowed enough to buy it for full price I liked it enough to be excited about getting a full size one in this box. Also the pur-lisse sunscreen is always something I will use, it's one of the few the boyfriend likes. The makeup bag is cute and at first I didn't like the flower design but it's growing on me. I have been acquiring quite a collection of water bottles from the subscription boxes. I would like to say I use them all but I don't. I do like the ones that let you infuse the water though. The always and skintimate products while aren't exciting are definitely useful. The lip balm is fun sounding but I don't see the boyfriend and I each putting on a different flavor and kissing to combine the flavor. I'm more likely to use this myself one at a time.

***Use this code 4155003 to get $15 off this summer box, while supplies last. This code is only good for 3 uses so if the code doesn't work it's been all used up. 

Verdict: This box was great! Tons of great stuff I'll use and at a bargain!

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  1. I can't wait to get home and open my box!!! I will happily use everything.

  2. Another FabFitFun code to get $15 off this summer box is 7388912. Also good for 3 uses.

    1. thanks for sharing. $15 off is awesome!