Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rainbow Honey Summer Mixtape Preview!

I went to check my mail today and the first thing I noticed was two keys in my mailbox. I have one of those community mailboxes with two larger parcel holders on the bottom. When I have a package the mail person put a key in my by box. Well today both of the keys were in my box, I felt mail shamed. It's almost embarrassing but not embarrassing enough to stop ordering stuff! Ha Ha.

The second thing I noticed was a package from Rainbow Honey. I thought it was odd since I had already received my July mystery bag and although I wanted to I hadn't ordered anything from them. When I opened the package I was thrilled to see they sent me a blogger pack. I had filled out a form online awhile back saying I was a blogger but the only thing the form said was you will receive a notification via email prior to the next release. I thought they must tell bloggers about new releases coming out, that's cool. So back to the blogger pack. In the mailer was 3 full size bottles of Rainbow Honey polish from their new Summer mixtape lineup. Well color me happy!


One More Minute with Elevate as a topper on the accent nail 

I noticed the formula was a little thick. I hadn't noticed that before with their polishes. I was able to paint without clumping and I probably could've got away with one coat of the pink polish since it was thick. The new collection comes out TOMORROW (7/18/14) and if you order be sure and use MIXTAPE20 for 20% off your next order - not ready to order, don't worry the code is good until August 31st!

The lineup includes 12 new colors for summer.

Side A
I Wanna Get Better - I didn't know I was lonely 'til I saw this peachy crelly full of bright and neon glitters

Work It Out - I know we debate it, but this coral is the perfect summer staple.

Stolen Dance - We shouldn't talk about it, but this pale kiwi green will entice you with its gold and violet shimmer

Best Friend - Sometimes it feels like I only dream in black and white...and in neon glitter!

*Elevate - Time to pick up this Ibiza-meets-New-Wave blend of glitters and celebrate!

*One Minute More - The sun will definitely shine on your nails with this sparkling lemon yellow.

Side B

Waves - At least we made some waves with this sparkling, glass-flecked turquoise. 

Shark Attack - Let this mix of stars, moons, and shimmery glitters be the fire in your eyes. 

Lanterns - Light your way with this luminescent blend of iridescent and translucent glitters. 

Fall In Love - Fall into this cool toned crimson red jelly with sparks of blue iridescence. 

*Control - Nothing stays around too long, so wear this hot shimmering fuchsia while the days are still long.

* Denotes the colors I received and swatched above. 

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