Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July OishiiBox

This is the OishiiBox - for real this time. I had made an error and confused the OishiiBox with another box but good things come to those who wait and this was worth the wait. OishiiBox kindly sent this box to me to review. I also ordered a box, I must have been really confused that week, so I received two of these.

OishiiBox is the newest box of Asian snack to enter the subscription market. OishiiBox is everything kawaii (means cute in Japanese) from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and beyond. The price of the box is $12 per box with shipping included. Right now they don't have recurring subscriptions which means you have to purchase each box separately.  Their July box sold out so if you're interested I would recommend ordering August now. A portion of the $12 will be donated to UNICEF, this means you're getting awesome snacks and supporting a great cause.

This box is only available in the US and ships from Poway, California. 

The Good:

Like Asian snacks: I love trying snacks from other parts of the world.

Price: Some of this stuff you can find online but shipping adds up. This is only $12.99!

Allergies? They send a product list with ingredients in each box.

The Not So Good:

Needs this every month? Currently this isn't offered as a recurring subscription. I imagine that will change as when they get going.

What a cute little kitty!

Inaugural (July) OishiiBox 

Contents of OishiiBox:

Umaibou Vegetable Salad

Lotte Waffle - tasty little cracker. 

Pokemon hard candy in diet cola, super soda, or umeboshi.

(2) White Rabbit Creamy Candy - I used to get these all the time from the waitress at my favorite chinese food restaurant in San Francisco. I miss these little guys. 

Chocolate Panda Biscuits - These were a little melty but tasty.

Strawberry Pocky - Pocky are always yummy!

Otsumami 10 Sen Baked Rice Cracker. 

Kameda Kakinotane Wasabi Snack. 

Lotte Koala's March - I'm a big fan of these little guys!

Strawberry KitKat.

(2) Matcha Green Tea KitKat. 

Matcha Green Tea Crunch.

Fusen Melon Gum.

Lotte Choco Pie. - Remember moon pies? Yep it's like that. 

Baby Cookie Snack - A friend of mine introduced me to these a few months ago. They don't have a real strong flavor but are fun to snack on. 

I'm not going to try and figure out the value of each item. I would guess it would not add up to $13 however you would have to find these items first and you probably wouldn't find them for sale individually. If this kind of box is your thing then I say it's worth the $13. I always find it interesting that other countries have flavors of things that we don't. I mean what is wrong with strawberry kitkats, why can't we have strawberry kitkats in the US or even the green tea ones.

Verdict: I'm totally into this box and will definitely be ordering an August Box.


  1. I LOVE THIS ONE! We have a big local Asian Market though I don't think they have all these items or you'd have to buy a box of them to try them out. This is really fun. I hope they do more non-food stuff, too. There are a ton of different Kawaii products. Very cute!

    1. I have a small Asian market near my house and I've seen the cracker type items but not the candy. I forgot to mention the ducky eraser (pictured at the top middle). I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it but it's cute.