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July The BoodleBox - Boodle Two Girls Ages 11+

The BoodleBox has started shipping! The folks at The BoodleBox sent me this box complimentary for review. This is the second month of BoodleBoxes and this one was just as great as the first. This is the Boodle Two which is for girls ages 11+.

The BoodleBox is a fun trendy subscription box for girls and they offer two different boxes. The first box is for girls ages 5-10 and the second box is for girls ages 11+. Each box will have 5-6 full and sample-sized products ranging from nail polish to funky pens and pencils, bath bombs to girls fashion jewelry. The price is $24.99 a month plus shipping. They also have 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions and each one offers a discount and/or free shipping.

The good:

Tweens & Teens: Now there is a box designed for those tweens and teens.

Info: The include an info card in every box.

Need a Gift: Now this is a cool gift. I would've love this when I was a tween/teen.

The not so good:

Cancel Fee: They charge a $19.99 early cancellation fee. I am thinking that fees applies if you cancel your 3,6 or 12 month subscription early.

Skip: I didn't see any options for skipping.

July The BoodleBox Boodle Two

How cute is this bracelet??

Contents of The BoodleBox:

Red, White & Blue Soap from Essence of O. Value $7.00

Americana 3-in-1 DIY Nail Pen from NPW. Value = $1.67

Ritzy Nail Striping Tape from NPW. Value = $6.00

White Icing Body Shimmer from Wet n' Wild. Value = $2.99

Hot Huez Hair Chalk. Value = $9.95

Love Anchor Infinity Bracelet from NicNic Jewelry. Value = $19.99

Organic Konjac Face Sponge. Value = $12.50

The total value of The BoodleBox is $60.01. The card that's included in the box says the bracelet value is $7.99 but their website says $19.99 so I went with that. I absolutely love the bracelet, it's beyond cute. I plan on giving it to the teenager as a gift but I'm going to have to hide it from myself but I love it. I use the Julep Konjac sponge which is also the first place I had ever heard of it. I am curious to try this brand. The soap is really cute with the decorations inside of it. I almost don't want to use it. I've been meaning to do some experimenting with striping tape and this has lots of colors to experiment with. Now the last item I want to talk about is kind of silly considering I'm nearly 40 years old. I have been wanting to try the Hot Huez product for quite some time. I work and sleep odd hours and have seen this commercial/infomercial numerous times and thought it looked so fun. I never ordered it though because it seemed like a silly purchase so I was super duper happy when I saw this in the box. 

Verdict: I thought this was a fun box and young girls will love it! Heck I loved it and I'm far from my tweens or teens. 

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