Monday, June 9, 2014

PopSugar Must Have Summer Special Edition

This is the PopSugar Must Have Box Special Edition Summer Box. This box, like the other limited edition boxes was $100.00 plus tax where applicable. They always send really nice high end products in them with a value way over the $100.

The special edition boxes come in a black box that can be reused for storage or gift giving. 

First look!

Set of four glasses. Each glass features a PopSugar office location.

The pouch and other goodies. 

Joie Jager horn necklace.

This is the other side of the pouch. 

Contents of PopSugar Must Have Summer Special Edition:

Sister of Los Angeles City Rocks Glasses for exclusively for PopSugar. Value = $45.00

Samudra Blue Tropics Pouch exclusively for PopSugar. Value = $60.00 

Sachajuan Ocean Mist for hair. Value = $28.00

Tarte Cheek Stain in exposed. Value = $30.00

Tarte Lipsugence Power Pigment in exposed. Value = $24.00

The Ingredient Finder Eliut Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Value = $16.55

Soixante Neuf Jewels by Joie Jager Horn Necklace. Value = $155.00

The total value of this limited edition resort box is $358.55. I have mixed feelings about this box. I think it has some great things in it but most of them aren't things I like or would use. The glasses are cute but they aren't something I would consider buying because they don't go with my other glasses and they are hand wash only. We have personalized pub glasses that are hand wash and that's enough for me. The necklace is the high dollar item in the box but it's really not something I would wear ever. The pouch is cute and since it's canvas I might use this when traveling. I will definitely use the hair mist and the olive oil. I'm not too into cheek stains and the lip pigment would've been since but it's a bland color that I'm not sure will look good on me. 

Verdict: This box wasn't so great for me. I only will definitely use 2 of the items which is about half the value. I may trade, gift or sell the other stuff. 


  1. Have you tried the lip color? I promise you won't think it's bland on your lips. That is actually one that changes based on your skin. For me it's actually rather bright.

    1. I haven't tried it yet. It just seemed very beige. I'm sure some swatches will be up soon on blogger sites so maybe I'll check those out before I trade it.

  2. I came home to this last night and I love the box (other than the olive oil - I can take it or leave it). I love the necklace especially, reminds me of a jalapeno, and I love jalapenos. I haven't tried the cheek stain or lip color yet, but they look like they will work for me.

    1. I wish I liked the necklace, it's very expensive. I do like that it's long though. I might give the lip color a try since Jennifer said it changes a bit when applied.

  3. I really like those glasses and the pouch!