Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May KLUTCHClub/Bestowed Box

So I'm not really sure if this is KLUTCHClub or Bestowed. I received an email from KLUTHClub saying they were acquired by Bestowed Box and nothing would change except the boxes would arrive in Bestowed boxes and emails would come from Bestowed.com. I went to the KLUTCHClub website and it appears the same and you can still subscribe. I also checked out the Bestowed site and that's the same also. So I guess all that is changed is the boxes will be curated by Heather Bauer of Bestowed and the name on the boxes and billing are different. I wonder if the items in the Bestowed box are different than this?

KLUTHClub monthly subscription service that focuses on health & fitness.  KLUTCHClub ships their boxes out on the 15th of every month. They advertise that the boxes contain over $50 worth of products or services such as snacks, new workouts or body care regimens to try.  I've a had a few months where the value was lower than the $50 promised but still higher than the price of the box. I don't count gift certificates or coupons that require out of pocket money in order to use them. KLUTCHClub offers three types subscriptions, one for women and one for men and now one for moms.  KLUTCHClub allows you to sign up monthly, quarterly or yearly. The monthly price is $18 a month, quarterly is $51.00 or $17 a month and the yearly is $192 or $16 a month.  Shipping is included in all of these prices. I had found a deal back in July of 2013 where I was able to purchase a year for $144 bringing it down to $12 a box.

This subscription is available in the US.

The good:

Healthy: This box is totally dedicated to health and fitness. If you're just starting to get active this is a fun way to try new products or fitness regimens. 

Need a gift: Have a health nut friend or want to encourage someone? Send them a month, 3 month or yearly subscription.

Information: They send a little info sheet on the products included in the box. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: No skipping a month option.

Value: They promise a value of $50 in each box but they don't send that in product. Sometimes they send gift cards and I think they count those towards the value.

May KluchClub Box.

Contents of box with approximate retail value:

Chico Pops Caramel Corn. Value = $1.89

3 pack of Kushyfoot Lace Foot Cover. Value = $11.97

Mighty Leaf Calypso Mango Tea, makes 1/2 gallon. Value = $1.56

1 oz. Puretergent Whites & Dirty Stuff laundry detergent. Value = $0.26

1 oz. Puretergent Colors laundry detergent. Value = $0.26

1 oz. Puretergent Extra Sensitive laundry detergent. Value = $0.26

Q Speed COQ10 chewable supplement. Value = $0.62

Pacific Organic Chicken Stock. Value = $1.27

Luna Protein Chocolate Coconut Almond Bar. Value = $1.25

Bakery on Main Carrot Cake Oatmeal. Value = $1.00 - This was just ok. I've had other flavors from this brand that were much better. The dried carrots bits didn't do much for me and it didn't take anything like carrot cake. 

1 month membership to Yoga Download. Value = $10.00

The total value of this box is $20.34 or $30.34 if you include the yoga download. This box still didn't hit the guaranteed $50 value but t was pretty excited about this box. I was surprised to see 3 pairs of Kushyfoot covers in the box but I do use them. I like the Mighty Leaf tea but I'm really tired of the calypso mango flavor. I wish they would send something else. I use the Pacific brand of chicken stock often so it's a perfect item for my pantry. Also the laundry soap was a good household item for me. It's not super exciting but everyone does laundry right?

Verdict: I still like KLUTCHClub and will be excited to see any changes 

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