Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June SkoshBox

Skoshbox is a food subscription box for Japanese snacks. Their slogan is "A taste of Japan at your doorstep". Skoshbox contains handpicked candies, snacks and accessories straight from Japan for $12 a month with shipping included.

This box is available in the US only and ships from Hawaii

The Good:

Like Asian snacks? This is a super fun snack box and all the products are sourced directly from Japan.

Price: Most of us don't have immediate access to these types of snack so I think $12 is a bargain.

Need a unique gift: The offer a 6 month gift subscription for $72.

The Not So Good:

Skip: There is no option to skip only cancel.

Contents of the Skoshbox:

Matcha Mochi Choco Square, Matcha Chocolate w/Mochi Center. 

(2) Kit Kat Bake Pudding. - They also suggest baking them for 1-2 minutes but I didn't think that was a good idea. They say if you bake them they will have a creme brûlée finish. 

Wasabi Kakinotane, baked spicy wasabi cracker and peanut mix. 

Matcha Okoshi, matcha puffed rice snack. 

Takoyaki Umaibo, takoyaki (octopus ball) flavored puffed corn snack. 

Corn Potage Umaibo, creamy corn potage flavored puffed corn stick. 

(2) Bake-Choco, chocolate cake bite with warm chocolate filling.

Harvest green tea crackers, baked sweet green tea crackers. 

I am not going to try and calculate the value of this box. I would guess the value is not $12 but because these items are not readily available that adds to the value. The way I look at it is if you like this sort of thing and don't want to search for it yourself then it's worth the $12. These boxes get devoured within minutes of opening. It not just a mystery box but mystery food too! We have had things that we like more than others but have never hated anything in the box. 

Verdict: We thought everything in this months box was delicious!

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