Friday, June 20, 2014

June Candy Japan Box - Asian candy & snack box

***UPDATE*** I had originally posted this as the OishiiBox but I was horribly wrong! After figuring out what happened I updated this post. Sorry for any confusion***

Candy Japan is a new subscription box company for Asian snacks. Candy Japan kindly offered to send me this box for review. Candy Japan is a collection of mystery sweet from Japan. The price of this box is $25 a month shipped HOWEVER you get a shipment twice a month. So really it's $12.50 a shipment but you pay $25 a month.

This box available worldwide and mine shipped from Japan. 

The good:

Like Asian snacks? This box is full of goodies from Asia

Unique. This is definitely a unique box. It had some things you just don't find in the US.

The not so good:

Price. $25 is quite a bit. I would like it better at once a month for $12.50

Shipping. They have a whole section on shipping in their FAQ's. Basically it takes about a 3-4 weeks for the first box then it's gets quicker since you get box every 2 weeks.

This is the box that was in the mailing envelope. 

This is the side of the box. It's shrink wrapped and included a bookmark. 

Here are all the goodies inside one of the June Candy Japan Boxes. 

This is a partial list that Bemmu from the company sent me of the contents. 
Cocoa Cigaretto. - These cigarettes are ramune containing cocoa powder. There used to be this kind of cigarette type of sweets in the past and children imitated smoking. But after 80s stopped selling cigarette style sweets, except these cocoa cigarettes. It is the only sweet available in the market. 
Little Bobdog. - These are similar to cocoa cigarettes. They are ramune with flavors soda, strawberry and cola.
Ume Mints & Mini Vita C. - Ume mints are plum flavored mints. Mini Vita C is mimicking the taste of a popular Japanese energy drink called "Dekavita C".
Camera Ramune. - This box of ramune looks like an old-style film camera. The idea is that when you press the shutter button, candy comes out. To try it, remove the red sticker. Then when you press the shutter, the lens hole opens and you can shake some candy out.
Mini Can Ramune. - These three cans are shaped like drink cans. The candies inside taste like soda, cola and peach. - These tasted just like the description
Three Pyramids. - The pyramid-shaped small containers contains very tiny chocolates. The tastes are fruity chocolate, milk chocolate and coffee chocolate. - I really liked these. We decided they would make good ice cream topper. 
Crayon Shin-chan Ramune Chocobi. - Crunchy star-shaped chocolates. - Has a chocolate flavor but not too exciting. 
Love-tomo Ramune. - Love-tomo here means "best friends", so please share one of these ice cream bar -shaped ramune candies with a friend that is important to you. There is also a small sticker inside. There are various different varieties of stickers, so what you get will differ from others who received this box! "Let's always be best friends!" 

I found it interesting that it was a pre-boxed pack. I wonder if they had these boxed made or if they picked up these boxed to send. There is no way I'm going to do a price break down on all these items. I wouldn't even know where to start. 

The teenager spent about 45 minutes going through the box and trying all the goodies. Some where better than others and some were downright fun. On the top right of the picture there is a candy box that looks like a camera, when you press the "button" on top a candy comes out the lens. I ended up downloading an app on my iPhone where you can scan foreign words for translation. It was only slightly helpful. I scanned the blue package that you can seen on he bottom right and it said "picture, cigarettes" Some of the other items said things that didn't even make sense. We had a good time though trying to figure out the flavor of all the goodies. I also found the candy cigarettes interesting. That is something you just don't see anymore in the US. 

Verdict: I thought this was a fun box. I'm going to keep an eye on this subscription and see if they end up offering a once a month box. 

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  1. I am so glad I saw your review! I tried an asian candy snack box once before and it was way smaller than this, and then it went out of business. I am going to give this one a try, seems like a decent price for the variety you received.

    1. oh good! I'm glad it helped. I ordered next months box. I'm curious if it will be pre-package like this one

    2. I totally messed up on this review. This is NOT the Oishii box but the Candy Japan Box. Oishii box has not shipped out yet.

  2. How do I order this box? My daughter would love it!

    1. oops I totally forgot to insert the links. sorry about that. you can order at

    2. I totally messed up on this review. This is NOT the Oishii box but the Candy Japan Box. Oishii box has not shipped out yet.