Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Boodle Box - Boodle Two Girls Ages 11+

The BoodleBox has started shipping! Yay! The folks at The BoodleBox contacted me and offered me a sneak peek at their launch box and they sent me the actual box they will be sending to subscribers. They sent me Boodle Two to review which is for girls ages 11+.

The BoodleBox is a fun trendy subscription box for girls and they offer two different boxes. The first box is for girls ages 5-10 and the second box is for girls ages 11+. Each box will have 5-6 full and sample-sized products ranging from nail polish to funky pens and pencils, bath bombs to girls fashion jewelry. The price is $24.99 a month plus shipping. They also have 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions and each one offers a discount and/or free shipping.

The good:

Tweens & Teens: Now there is a box designed for those tweens and teens.

Info: The include an info card in every box.

Need a Gift: Now this is a cool gift. I would've love this when I was a tween/teen.

The not so good:

Cancel Fee: They charge a $19.99 early cancellation fee. I am thinking that fees applies if you cancel your 3,6 or 12 month subscription early.

Skip: I didn't see any options for skipping.

The Boodle Box as you open it.

The Boodle treasures. 

    This is the inside of the flip flop manicure set.

This is the inside of the Katy Perry perfume necklace. I would've loved this as a  kid!

How cool is this jewelry roll? It has a space for brushes, rolls up and secures with a tie.

Inside the jewelry roll was this cute color changing nail polish. 

Contents of The BoodleBox:

Katy Perry Meow Solid Perfume Locket necklace. Value $35.00

Flip Flop 4 piece Manicure Kit. Value = $8.00

Ruby Wing Color Change nail polish in Crowd Surf. Value = $10.00

Flip Flop Bling Strips for your flip flops. Value = $3.99

Flip Flop Notepad & Stickie Set. Value = $1.00

Flip Flop Lip Gloss. Value = $3.50

Cosmetic Bag and Brush Holder. Value = $12.00

The total value of The BoodleBox is $73.49. I think this box is great. I know I keep saying it but it's because it's true. I would've loved getting this box when I was a tween. Everything in this box is fantastic. The Katy Perry perfume necklace is so stinkin' cute. The chair is really long and I'll admit it's probably not something I would wear now but I'm sure a young girl would. The flip flop manicure set is super cute and it's going in my locker at work, or maybe  I should put it in my travel bag? I've seen a couple of pics of color changing nail polish. This one is less dramatic than others I've seen but I still thinks it's pretty cool. I don't where flip flops (I just can't stand the thing between my toe) but I know plenty of people who do. I wonder how well the sticker holds up? The notepad is super cute and I'm always writing little notes. 

Verdict: I thought this was a fun box and young girls will love it! Heck I loved it and I'm far from my tweens or teens. 

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