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May Julep Maven Box - Bombshell

Julep is a monthly subscription company for nail polishes. When you sign up for Julep you take a little quiz and it will tell you what kind of polish girl you are.  You are not obligated to stay with that that type though.  When I first signed up the website said I was Boho Glam but liked the It Girl colors better so I picked that one and as you can see I went with neither of those options this month. They recently changed their pricing structure for new subscribers. You can join as a Julep maven for $24.99 a month which will get you $40+ worth of polish and products. You can also sign up for a prepaid 3 month subscription for $60 which brings it down to $20 a month. The next level subscription is Julep maven luxe. This program is priced at $39.99 a month and you will get $60+ worth of prestige products. This also has a 3 month prepaid option for $105.00 which brings it to $34.99 a month. The benefit of these new plans is that each box is completely customizable which, as I understand, means you can pick they nail polish colors you want from any of the style profiles. I had the option of switching my subscription to one of these new tiers but I haven't switched yet. Personally I really like being able to skip months and new subscribers can only skip once every 6 months.

The good:

The colors: If you like nail polish then it's a nice way to experiment with multiple colors

Need a gift? If you want to send your box to a friend there is an option to do so.  Just log on to your account and click send to friend.

Ingredients: Julep is 4-free which means it's formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene or DBP free.  

Want the polish but not he commitment?  You can buy the polish online at or in Sephora stores.  The cost is $14 so if you like polish then becoming a Maven is a better deal.  If you want to try it out first you can always pick one up at Sephora or online.   

Swatches: I love how every month Julep shows what the color looks like on actual nails and shows it on different skin tones. 

Referral program. You earn "Jules" for referrals, purchases, anniversary, birthday and upgrades.

The not so good:

Skip a month? Sort of. For those who signed up before November 2013 you can skip a month anytime. If you signed up after November you have to "earn" skips. You earn a skip every six months of being a member. So basically once you sign up you have to receive six months of boxes or if you don't want a box and it's been less than 6 months you have to cancel your membership. I'm not a fan of this change.

May Julep Maven Box

Contents of Modern Beauty box w/retail price:

Julep Plie Wand with over cap and precision brush. Value = $25.00 ($20.00) 

Laree, Bombshell, Golden Pink Tafetta Shimmer. Value = $14.00 ($11.20) 

Saaya, Bombshell, Golden Apricot Shimmer. Value = $14.00 ($11.20) 

The approximate value of my Bombshell Maven box is $53.00 or $42.40 with maven pricing. This month the big deal item is the plie wand. This is supposed significantly in nail painting especially with your non-dominant hand. It came with a cap that goes over the current Julep caps. That cap is magnetic on top which is how the want attaches. It sounds more confusing that it is. Now some of you might be thinking "but the Julep caps are square. how does a round thing fit on a square cap" The answer is the square cap pulls off to reveal a round cap. This is also how you swatch the tops of the Julep lids. I haven't had a chance to try the wand yet. I've been reading some reviews and some people really like, some don't and others don't see a difference. Once I get a chance to use it I will definitely post my findings,. 

Verdict: Love the colors in this months box!

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  1. I personally like the idea but don't notice much of a difference [not to say, I am great at painting my nails]. I am interested in knowing what you think.

    P.S. Thanks for the Blue invite. I will post up my Plated review soon :) I hope I make you hungry [I am returning the favor :) ]