Friday, May 9, 2014

May Blush Mystery Beauty Box

Blush is a company that is associated with Dermstore and Blush offers a monthly mystery beauty box.  You can make a one time purchase for $34.95 or subscribe monthly for $24.95.  Both prices include shipping. It made absolutely no sense to me to pay $10 more when I could just cancel the subscription if I didn't like it.  Each month Blush says they will send a box full of products handpicked by their panel of beauty experts of mostly full size and some travel-size products worth at least $100.

I believe this subscription is available to the US only, they don't really say on their website. 

The good:

Price: If they continue to send great products with a value of at least $100 that's 4 times the value.

Want more: Since they have a retail website reordering is easy and all these products were easily found.

The not so good:

Price: This is one of the higher priced subscriptions but the products seem to be premium.

Skip: Their website is not user friendly.  I couldn't find an option to skip or cancel.

May Blush Mystery Beauty Box

Contents of Blush box w/approximate retail price listed:

FULL SIZE Glominerals Blush Duo. Value = $28.50

Bioxidea Cosmetics Miracle 24 Hand Mask. Value = $18.67

.16 oz. Miracle Skin Transformer Face. Value = $5.12

FULL SIZE Pur-lisse Pur-moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer. Value = $55.00

.34 oz. Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil. Value = $13.10

.17 oz. Laura Geller Beauty Cool Lids Cream Eyeshadow in Silver Sands. Value = $12.50

The total value of of this blush beauty bag is a $132.89. I am always shocked at how expensive the Pur-lisse products are. They do make a good product though. I've tried the Bioxidea face masks and although I liked it I wouldn't pay full price for it. I had no idea they made hand masks also. I can't wait to try it out. They eyeshadow is something I will use. I used a silver eyeshadow a couple of weeks ago and really liked how it looked. I won't use the blush. I don't know why but I just never was into using blush. I'm sure I'll be able to trade it for something. I will probably use the Peter Thomas stuff this summer to counteract the dry air my skin get exposed to in this hot northern California weather. The last item is the miracle skin transformer. The first thing I noticed about this that it's expired. Yep expired in march. Now I know it's probably still usable but the SPF protection may not be effective. I was surprised that Blush Beauty would send out a product that's expired. I'm hoping it was just an oversight but I would be curious to know if this happened to anyone else.

Verdict: I can't wait to try the hand mask!

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Expired? Really?


  1. Me too! AND I got an expired packet. Did you reach out to the service team? This wasn't the first time they done that. When they were still BeautyFix they sent out vitamins that were expired. Yup, something you digest that was expired.

  2. I emailed them and they said they were aware of the expiration and working on sending new product. I can't believe they send expired vitamins!

    1. Yeah, and they didn't even want to send a replacement. I spoke with some yesterday because I sent them an email as soon as I got the box and I never a response back. I am hoping they do not again otherwise I might cancel it because it just makes me wonder about all the other products.