Friday, May 2, 2014

April Tea Sparrow Box

Tea Sparrow is a subscription service for loose tea and is based out of Canada. I had never heard of them and didn't realize is that this is the only service like this offered in the US. I was surprised to hear that so when the good people at Tea Sparrow offered to send me a box for review I jumped at the chance. I know there is a whole sub-culture of coffee and tea connoisseurs and there is an art to brewing the perfect cup of either. I enjoy both drinks but am by no means an expert in either. I like trying new flavors of tea and if you are a tea drinker this is a perfect way to sample some new varieties.  In fact Tea Sparrow's tag line is "A World of Tea at Your Door". That pretty much says it all. Each month you will receive four 1 oz. bags of loose leaf tea to try. Tea Sparrow says each shipment will make 35-65 cups of tea depending on if you like your tea weak or strong. So really you could have a cup of tea every day for a month, very cool. The price of each shipment is $20 with shipping included.

The good:

Variety: If you like trying different loose teas but get overwhelmed at the numerous jars at Whole Foods then give this a try.

Want more? Love a tea you tried. There is info on where to get more printed on each bag.

Perfect Cup? Each package tells you how much tea to use as well as temperature of water and steeping time.

Tea loving friend? You can send a gift subscription to the tea lover in your life.

Tea'd out this month? You can skip months or put your subscription on pause.

The not so good:

Price: This cost more than if you bought the tea individually yourself. Of course you would have to find them and pay shipping costs.

April Tea Sparrow Box

Contents of box: 

Freedom Tea, blend of red and greed rooibos. Value = $3.00 - Rooibos is an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce histamine release and the allergic response. - This was so delicious! I would definitely  drink this again! Perfect flavor combinations! 

Peppermint Tea, - The essential oils acts as a decongestant, anti-inflammatory and mild antibacterial. Value = $??

Milk Oolong, green tea - Great for skin allergies such as eczema while boosting immune system overall. - Value = ??I made this and even followed the directions. I like green tea and this didn't disappoint. 

Apeldoorn's Blend, black tea. - fan favorite. Value = $3.00 

The total value of this box is at least $12.00. I couldn't find info on two of the teas so I couldn't value them. I would guess they are worth at least the same as the others though. This month's box featured teas with a special emphasis on properties that will get your through allergy season. Now this information wasn't included in the box but in an email I received. I'm not sure if they sent that email to me because I'm reviewing the box or if they sent it out every month to subscribers. I found the information super useful though. Being an allergy suffer I'm always open to anything that will make the symptoms less. 

If you want to give Tea Sparrow a try click on my link and enter the password "teas". You will get your first month for only $8. That's only $2 a pouch, what a great deal. 

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