Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Travelbox - Oversized Edition

For this wondering what Travelbox is.....It's a monthly box that is geared towards those who travel are travel-obsessed or just people on the go. I plan on doing a lot more traveling this year and I happen to love travel gadgets so I thought this box would be perfect for me. The price of the box is $19.95 plus $6 shipping for a total of $25.95 a month.

Some of the items you can expect to receive are:

Travel inspiration; foreign language tools, maps, book on traveling
Travel gear; foldable water bottles, portable phone chargers
Travel comforts; sleep masks, ear plugs, travel candles, travel pillows
Grooming & Beauty products; locally milled soaps, premium skin care products, portable sunscreen
Travel snacks; premium artisan chocolates and snacks from around the world
Travel entertainment; games, books.

The good:

Like gadgets - I admit I have a thing for gadgets. I like them a lot!

Travel much? - The thing about travel gadgets is you never know you need them until you have them. It's amazing how the littlest thing can simplify your life.

Gifts - Know a traveler or got something you may not use. Gift it to a traveler.

Info - They include an info card describing the product, where you can get it and the retail price.

The not so good: 

Monthly- I'm still not sure there is enough need for this to be monthly. I would like this more if it were quarterly.

April Travelbox Oversized Edition

Contents of the Travelbox with retail value:

Green Garmento KangerHanger Pouch Bag. Value = $12.99

SkyReady Essentials Kit. Value = $15.00

Aroamas Travel Perfume Stick in . Value = $8.00

(2) Kind Bars in Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt. Value = $1.98/ea.

The total value of this first box is $39.95. This box was just ok. I have a green garmento bag already and I don't use it. As a matter of fact I'm not even sure where it is. I will use all the items in the SkyReady kit (ear plugs, eye mask, hand sanitizer, vitamin c drink mix, surface wipes, face mask) but I already own  those items and take them with me on trips. I do like the aroamas perfume sticks. They are handy to carry in your purse. Lastly I do like Kind bars, those will definitely be eaten.

Verdict: The value is there but I'm not excited about the box. I'm going to cancel for now. 

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