Friday, March 7, 2014

March Travelbox - Airport Edition

Travelbox started shipping in January and was going to be a monthly box filled with travel items for $38.95. At the end of January they send an email saying they were lowering the price of the box to $19.95 + $6 shipping making it $25.95 instead of $38.95. In order to accommodate those changes they didn't send out a February box. So this is the second box offered from Travelbox and the first at the new low price.

For this wondering what Travelbox is.....It's a monthly box that is geared towards those who travel are travel-obsessed or just people on the go. I plan on doing a lot more traveling this year and I happen to love travel gadgets so I thought this box would be perfect for me. The price of the box is $19.95 plus $6 shipping for a total of $25.95 a month.

Some of the items you can expect to receive are:

Travel inspiration; foreign language tools, maps, book on traveling
Travel gear; foldable water bottles, portable phone chargers
Travel comforts; sleep masks, ear plugs, travel candles, travel pillows
Grooming & Beauty products; locally milled soaps, premium skin care products, portable sunscreen
Travel snacks; premium artisan chocolates and snacks from around the world
Travel entertainment; games, books.

The good:

Like gadgets - I admit I have a thing for gadgets. I like them a lot!

Travel much? - The thing about travel gadgets is you never know you need them until you have them. It's amazing how the littlest thing can simplify your life.

Gifts - Know a traveler or got something you may not use. Gift it to a traveler.

Info - They include an info card describing the product, where you can get it and the retail price.

The not so good: 

Monthly- I'm still not sure there is enough need for this to be monthly. I would like this more if it were quarterly.

February Travelbox Airport Edition

Contents of the Travelbox with retail value:

Trace Me Luggage Tracker. Value = $20.85

Luxe Pocket City Guide for Toyko, 9th edition. Value = $9.99

Vapur Reflex Anti-Bottle 18 oz. Value = $7.99

1 oz. bottle Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap. Value = $4.00 

Über Bar in Sticky Bun. Value = $1.99

Über Bar in Coconut Macaroon. Value = $1.99

(2) boxes Guylian Artisanal Truffles from Belgium. Value = $1.09/ea. - These were in the last box. I'm not a huge fan of seeing the same things in consecutive boxes. 

The total value of this first box is $48.99. This box, like last month includes a travel guide. The Toyko travel guide is cool but I have a couple of issues with it. #1 I'm not going nor plan to travel Toyko anytime soon and #2 if I were going I would want the most current guide and this one is almost 3 years old and there is less than year old version out. The anti-bottle is cool. I actually have two already that I always forget I have. I think I will make a point to bring these on our next trip - also I just noticed it says you can freeze them. Good to know. The uber bars are good travel snacks, way better than junk food. The chocolates are ok but not my favorite. I've used the Rose Hips Black Soap before and while the description says it works like microdermabrasion in a bottle. It seemed ok but nothing like microdermabrasion. The last thing in the, which it really was buried under some packing stuff is the Trace Me Luggage Tracker. Basically it's a luggage tag that the airport can scan which will alert you via text message as to the whereabouts of your luggage. The sell is that paper luggage tags fall off and your personal information is written on it for everyone to see. This tag is more secure (it must be cut off to be removed) and none of your personal information is visible. I checked out their website and it looks like the tag is active for one year from date of registration. After the year then you have to renew but it doesn't say anywhere how much that is. The other thing they say is that it's recognized in more than 2,200 airports world wide. Sounds like a lot right? Well considering there are nearly 43,000 airports that's a small drop in the bucket. Also the instructions on the tag are in English. At least with a hand written tag they would see a phone number to call. I don't know that I am going to rush out and buy more of these but since I have it I will try it out on our next flight. I have had my luggage misplaced 2 or 3 times. 

Verdict: The value is there. I liked the first box better but we will see what box #3 has to offer. 

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